Frustration with WW

I’m trying to get better at WW. I am having a hard time parsing above blue and on some fights, like raz and brood, I’m awful. Wow analyzer isn’t fully supported for WW, I know that some of it is fight specific (I’m not on adds on brood so I’ll never parse well) but I think I’m either wasting a lot resources or I doing something wrong because I can’t seem to get much above average. My single target damage, even running a focused serenity build, is pretty mediocre, though the burst windows are pretty great. I’ve looked over the top logs and some of them are gimmicky (where death touch cleave is the largest single damage source) but for a lot of them the damage break down is similar enough I have to be missing something else. Any suggestions?

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Stat wise, your vers and mast are a little low, and in terms of talent selection the only odd pick that I see is Xuen’s Bond. Meridian Strikes stands out too, but it does seem like a situational talent.

Apart from that, I wouldn’t know what to suggest w/o further questions.

I think the biggest thing is how long is rsk or fof staying off cd? hat’s where I find a large part of dps has been a issue in the past for some monks