Frustrated with Holy and gear

I’m just the least bit frustrated with Holy and gearing up. Ugh. It’s catch 22. Need gear to heal but the gear I need is in the dungeon that I can’t heal because I don’t have the gear to heal it. I’m a bit frustrated by the whole thing. Maybe I’ll just get my rogue geared up and give up on healing. Any suggestions? Ugh.

Oops. Posted this topic on my Pally.

Gear is always a short term problem. You struggle in the moment, but 1.5-2 months into the patch and you’re max iLvl.

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You should aim for your leggo first, and do the Zereth questline for Unity (though this is less important).

The progression path to your legendary now is mostly just do a low level torghast or the first floor of Jailer’s gauntlet and you’ll have enough to craft a base leggo. You can get the leggo recipe in normal dungeons, and droprate on those seems fairly high nowadays.

Once you have flash concentration, you can heal mythic +0 easily, even without much gear just by spamming heal with FC stacked. If +0 is trouble for you, do heroics first.

But +0 gear is 262, and I was healing through +17s with 260 ish Ilvl last season, so a +10 now (barring Kara) should be possible in it.


Question about the unity belt, can it be upgraded? I came back right before this season and mine is still 265 and i cant upgrade it like my normal legendaries. Is there any wau to get it to 291?

No - you can’t upgrade the unity belt. You can unlock the unity legendary (across all characters) by getting revered with the enlightened (zereth mortis faction). Then you can craft Unity like your other legendaries in any of its slots to upgrade that to 291.

Oh wow, im not even honored yet. Rough

Complete the realm quest from bolvar each week and once complete keep doing the dailies, and you’ll get there at a decent pace. You also only need to do it once to have it on every character.

It is a random grind though. At the very least, the fact it’s on a belt means you aren’t losing too many stats if you upgrade everything else.

Flash concentration leggo is huge, you should get it (remind me and Ill link a weskaura string that helps you track your stacks when I get home later). Outside of that just spam low keys for gear, you’ll be fine in a couple weeks (M0/heroics may give upgrades for you too, I duno what the ilvl is right now from them).

Or if you like PVP the honor gear is the same ilvl I’m doing 10-15’s in right now, if you’d rather go that route. But spamming like 5’s or something probably faster.

But…but… the gearing system is rewarding, right? Least that is what was pitched.

if you have a main that has a lot of Sandworn Relics, those are now BoA. Send those to your priest and get the ZM gear that is 246, and is able to be made into tier with flux.

Heroics now reward 249 level gear.

I took my alt priest through fated LFR last week and get a few 265s from it. In one week, I got from 220 to 248 without much effort. We’ll see what the vault gods give me as well.

Once you get 240, you can usually get into 2s to start grinding for more gear.