Frozen Orbs no longer drop?

I started trying to level up my professions from previous expansions, to gather transmogs. When I got to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion I found I needed things called Frozen Orbs which can be purchased straight from a vendor, but I would rather farm the materials needed. However, it seems the Frozen Orb has been removed from the lot tables of all heroic WotLK dungeons and now I’m forced to purchase them.

Why would they be removed from the drops? What am I forced to buy them when I could farm them just as easily?

Are you just going by the wowhead loot table for them or have you tried running any dungeons to see if they drop? I feel like I got some from doing Timewalking, but my memory is hazy if I actually did and how frequently. It may be worth trying if you haven’t already. The wowpedia page said they can drop from end bosses on heroic.

If they are working as they should, you would get one frozen orb at the end of a wrath heroic.

I have gotten them when running the heroics for rep as well as when doing TW runs. I rhink you can also purchase them at a vendor in Dalaran as well as the AH.

This is a thread necro but I got here via a google search for ‘frozen orb drop rate dragonflight’ so maybe this will help future searchers: Frozen Orbs appear to have a 10-20% (guesstimating) drop rate from WotLK heroic last-bosses. Not guaranteed, but do a bunch of heroics, and you’ll get some.

Speculation which matches the above: one Frozen Orb is guaranteed to drop for a full 5-player group. If you’re running the Heroic with less than a full group (e.g., solo), the orb you didn’t get went to a player slot which wasn’t occupied.

This mechanic is used for other things, like “guaranteed to drop” (for full groups) mounts. Although it’s a trivial thing to ration out like this, it seems like this could explain it.

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They’re sold by a vendor in Dalaran now for like 60G a piece.