Frosty & Barth <SINTI> Recruiting RDPS for 10.2 AOTC

TLDR: Hey, if you hate slogging through long recruitment posts, here’s the scoop - we need some big dick HPS & DPS to pump through 10.2 Amirdrassil AOTC. Plus, if you’re into Mythic+ and PvP, we’re throwing the door wide open cause we’ve got some key and PvP fanatics in here too.

SINTI is kind of fresh on the block since we formed at the end of Shadowlands, but we do have a pretty good cross-realm group going on Barthy & Frosty who come back for new raids every tier, and play other sweaty games in their downtime (don’t get me started on League).

Although we are mainly a Barthilas guild, we are cross-realm, we raid and run M+ across Barth and Frosty.

AOTC Raiding

Right now, we’re on the hunt for some HPS & DPS big dickers to clean up 10.2 Amirdrassil AOTC. We raid Mondays and Thursdays from 8-10:30 PM AEDT. We don’t take ourselves seriously, so we aren’t one of those guilds that have a big old fit when you accidentally stuff up one mechanic, or when you can’t make it to raid after attending for 4 weeks straight with no failure. We are currently 6/8H on ATDH, with the aim of hitting 8/9H this raid night, so we are close to hitting AOTC!

If your availabilities fit and you think our vibe suits you, we dare you to give us a try. Reach out to our recruitment officer Fez, she’ll get it sorted out!

From a raid buff perspective, the only buffs we are missing and would love to recruit are the following. That being said, if you do not fit the below classes/specs, please still reach out as we are recruiting more than just for raid buffs, we’d love to have anyone onboard who is interested and can demonstrate decent AOTC history:

  • BM/MM Hunter
  • Priest (shadow preferred)
  • RDPS of any kind

You can view our current raid roster on our Barthilas Guilds of WoW page :slight_smile:


Other than that, we want guildies who can chat and joke while they run Mythic+ dungeons and PvP. Fez is usually the butt of all the jokes, so feel free to join in :slight_smile: Or if you’re just here to kick back and relax, we’ve got a spot for you too.

We’re all about being noob-friendly, so if you’re new or just a little rusty, no worries! We’ve got a bunch of helpful peeps who can teach you the ropes, from Mythic+ strats to raid boss smackdowns, or even which builds make your class pop. SINTI is a guild where gamers of all flavours can kick it and bond over their gaming obsessions. All skill levels are welcome, from rookies to decade-old sweaty gamers.

Outside of raiding, we do get game nights going. Usually, it’s a wild mix of board games on TTS or some phasmo.

Just one rule

We don’t tolerate any nasty toxic comments meant to hurt other guildies. We love our banter, but we’re also about good vibes, so leave your racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia at the door.

Contact Us

If any of the above sounds appealing to you, reach out to Fez on Discord (fezleme) or on (fezleme#1437).

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