Frostmourne <Resonance> 6/9M Mon/Wed 8:30-11:30ST LF HEALS/DPS for 10.2

Resonance Frostmourne is a 2 night raiding guild, we strive to keep our raids entertaining and progressive. We are currently 5/9M.


  • Aug Evoker

  • Resto Druid


  • All exceptional players welcome to apply

Feel free to apply outside of the listed recruitment if you have mythic experience and are keen to raid. We are interested in all applications.

Raid Times -
Monday/Wednesday 830pm -11:30 pm ST

Interested applicants may reach out to -
Discord - Benjy#6990
Battlenet - Benjy#1919

Bumping this. Still on the lookout for a warrior and evoker as we head into sark prog. Echo at 0.7%

Still on the lookout for more dps as we hed into sark prog. echo is down!!

Is the title accurate, are you still taking new heals? Main text body just says DPS warr/voker atm now

we most certainly are

I am interested, let me know if you guys are after an absolute pumper healer, can provide logs, progs and a great attitude. Rembeast#1389

Bumping this for 10.2!!

BUMP Wheres my Pink boys at!!

BUMPING!! LF all players to bolster our roster as we head further into mythic prog

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are you guys in search of a tank? Multi CE raider gone Casual looking for a 2 night a week raiding guild

470 BDK with semi competent dps OS

always on the lookout for exceptional players, feel free to add me on discord for a chat :slight_smile:

Need some bar toppers and pumpers as we head into larodar