🔫 Frostbite Contingent is Hiring! [H-RP]

That’s right!

The Frostbite Contingent is hiring all able bodied individuals from any race that might have an interest in making money through professional means! Whether you’re an Alchemist, Surgeon, Magical Healer, Bruiser, Assassin, Paratrooper, Engineer or simply a Merchant or you’re a damn crier. (No, not like needing a tissue kind, we mean cr— Actually, you know what, let’s just not go there.)

Who are we do you ask? (And if you didn’t to bad, you’re here so you’re gonna listen!)

The FBC is a group of individuals that are dedicated to creates some of the best tools of war to the theater currently playing in Azeroth! We make weapons, armor, utility gadgets and even a few healing items! Hell, we recently even added an assault vehicle to our catalog believe it or not! We work with individuals inside of our organization to make all of our equipment while working with everyone to continue expanding our wares and to make sure customers have their needs taken care of effectively and efficiently.

How is it we operate?

This is a multi-level answer really. For our people in the guild, we work together in creating IC gadgets and items with special properties for individuals to either use in our own ranks or for us to offer to others for IC currency. We don’t accept your hard earned gold. Also, if need be, we’ll even work with you to help create parameters on how these items might fit into your rolling systems if you feel the need to go that far. After all, we use these things too for our own events!

If you’re a customer coming to buy from us, then we tend to work slightly different. If it’s an existing item, we may have it in stock, depending on how you want it made. If it needs custom materials, then we take time to create in-game events or to run things IC to make them for you and then we set appointment times to deliver the item so your characters can find out how well they like said items and then make their payment to purchase said orders. If you’re a member of our ranks and we’re making these items for a customer, then we tend to take into account whatever it’s made out of and ascertain if we need to enter the field to acquire the items/materials to make this. So, a customers purchase helps to add future events to our calendar in a lot of ways!

We don’t just magically have what someone comes to purchase right then and there just because it’s easier that way. We believe that putting in the time and effort to create those items helps not only promote better story for you, but for us as well as help to provide some interesting character building opportunities.

For the individuals in our guild that are builders and creators of the very products we sell, we put these items into a catalog (that we maintain via Google Documents) that is then kept IC. This allows us to remove and add in items as needed in an easy format that allows us to explain what each item does and if need be, how it’s used. (This way you as a player can implement those details as you see fit.)

Addition: As we have come to grow and expand over the past year, the FBC has expanded into needing various organizational ranks within its entity in order to expedite and increase efficiency. Because of this, we have adopted three essential ‘roles’ within the rank.

Engineers - these being the rank belonging to our Technicians, Blacksmiths and various Crafters who help in the assembly of parts and/or items for use and/or sale.

Security - A general purpose group of Strong arms that help to defend our facilities, stock and assets (people) from the various dangerous of the universe around us. They also tend to be the driving force to help procure materials for the FBC as a whole as well.

Acquisitions - These individuals are here to help collect intelligence about how and where to find particular materials and/or items that are needed by Security or Engineering to complete their jobs or projects. In essence, they help us collect information for our ranks to help give idea and/or background for the events that we do.

Do you use any rolling systems or anything?

Yes, yes we do. We use a custom d20 system. It runs rather smoothly but we’re also currently experimenting with this system to see if we can allow for each individual character to have some customization options so that way you feel as if your characters skills/abilities actually have an effect beyond a base and flat /roll 20 result.

What all should I know about your group OoC before I poke you about joining?

Well, ultimately we’re seeking individuals who are 18 years of age or higher, though we do accept people lower than this, but it is specifically on a case by case basis because a lot of our jokes and rp material can get vulgar and pretty gore-tastic, not to mention there’s tons of horrible puns and sexual innuendos. (I know, it’s awful, I used the ‘S’ word.)

On top of this, we ask that all of our members join our discord at a minimum so that way we can notify everyone of events far easier and so that way you can also reach out to us in case something happens where you no longer have access to your PC.

Last but not least, we ask that our members recognize that while we are all thick skinned and make awful jokes from time to time, we are a No harassment zone and that people get a singular warning. We’re adults and as adults, we expect people to have at least a common level of respect between one another, even if they don’t always agree.

Who do I reach out to?

Reaching out to us in-game tends to work for the best. If this is the case, you’ll want to track down Naturasu, Scratch Triggerpin (Mcboom) or even myself and we’ll see what we can do to get your entry into the FBC started! If for some reason you don’t see any of us three on, simply reach out to any of our members and let them know you’re interested and one of us will message you back once we’re able.


Come ya Mooks! If you like making tech, having fun and making Gold then ya need to come hang out with us!

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For those curious about what we may be like, we’re going to be taking up a booth at this months Gilded Market on the 28th at 5 pm, selling off our various bits of stock to those with the coin to make a purchase!

Frostbite will also be at the next Gilded Market on Oct 19th, but untill then dont be shy and come hit us up for amazing feats of technological wonders! And if nothing else come hang our with me, Ms Azeroth!

These guys are good people, go check them out!

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No idea what happened with my above post, anyways, that’s mightly lovely of ya to say Zulric!

The Gilded Market is coming up again this weekend (The 19th @ 5 pm server) over in Scholomance this time. Looking forward to seeing all of you folks out there!

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Even a grumpy undead knows the value of a resourceful Gobbo. Especially one like Megahes and those in the Contingent.

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Awe hey now, that’s an awfully nice thing ta say from an undead chap such as yaself!

Also, on another note.

Today if the Frostbite Contingent’s first birthday! We’ve made it to year 1! Thank you to everyone that’s helped to support us and our rp over the past year to get us to where we are today!

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Frostbite Contingent is a fun group of people! We have interesting RP events that often end in hilarious hi-jinx of some kind. If you like Goblins and playing out invention ideas you should check the guild out!


Made an addition to the main post as it helps define some of the ranks within our organization. As we’ve expanded over the year and gained new members, we’ve added those ranks to help give people a more defined roll and purpose within our ranks.

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I can testify to this guild being populated with total nerds like Megahes Frostbite who is a committed DM and has very clever plotlines for his members and I highly recommend it.

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Thanks for the kind words man! I try to do what I can, sometimes it pans out, sometimes I learn better. (lol)

Giving this gal a kick in the backside. The F.B.C. had a good night at the Gilded Market last night and we’re looking to expand into a few new projects over the next couple of months while we investigate some odd tech that’s being reported in the Stonetalon Mountains.

So if you’re looking to dip your toes into the creative processes of item crafting or wanna get in the heated mix and help some of the best outfitted security forces around, then you definitely gotta look in this corner!

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-pokes head in-

Ya’ll still doin’ things? Recruiting by chance?

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We sure are! We’re just bad about remembering to update this poor bugger unfortunately. (xD)

I’ll be online a good portion of today actually as will Naturasu (with the exception of some evening adulting for a little bit) if you need to reach one of us. Alternatively, you can also poke me on Discord @ Ethur#1811.

Edit: Got distracted and forgot my original reason for coming here!

The FBC is going to be putting out (potentially) two whole new lines of merchandise, or at least the starts of those lines!

The one, guaranteed, will be our Musical Mayhem line! Whether you’re a Bard, Band Member or simply musically inclined, this will be something you’ll enjoy! Weapons with musical capabilities!

Or was it Instruments with secondary weaponizations…? I can’t remember. Either way! They’re instruments that are fully operational that also double as potent weapons that can dismantle your unaware enemies and/or potentially even uplift and help your friends and foes!

Right now all we have available are Brass instruments (Think Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, etc.) that are augmented with a Shockwave Generator. Play that sexy Jazz and blow apart your enemies with a killer shockwave at the end of it all!

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Megahes comes out of the FBC office with a boombox that’s playing:

Now that the Holidays are officially over, we’re kicking ourselves in the pants once again to return to normality! The FBC aims to continue its storyline of Symbiotech involving a number of crazed Venture Co. Scientists and Engineers who are building themselves into some of Azeroth’s Nastiest Creatures and Beings in an effort to expand their influence and grab more land and resources.

Along with this, plans are in the making to involve the FBC in current affairs of the newest patch! Will we be the Heroes Azeroth needs? Hell no, probably not. But, we can at least defend ourselves, our assets and maybe help the world along the way!