Frost over all

Is it wild to only want to solely focus on Frost? I just really enjoy the spec (playing, by no means mastering). I’m just so tired of healing on my shaman and think I’d like to main this going forward. Thoughts on Frost over the others? To me it just seems to be the easiest and I like the frosty things :slight_smile:

Also I’m probably looking at some casual raiding and keys 15 or so.

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I would pick something you enjoy 2-3 specs of, because you can love it now but eventually you will want something new, and instead of having to regear you could just swap. But speaking from a casual POV mage is always a good thing to bring for water and lust.

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Not at all. With the spec designs of both Arcane and Fire for the past few expansions it’s completely understandable that they don’t appeal to many players. No one should feel forced to play a particular spec they don’t enjoy except at the very top level, though with balancing the way it has been this is rarely the case.

I much prefer Frost over the others, though I also much prefer Legions version over BfA/SL. The newer versions seem to have too much reliance on RNG and a spammy playstyle for me. I like having buttons to push but I didn’t care for the guitar-hero type finger-death this expansion. I’m hoping DF brings back some love for the majority of classes because they’ve all felt a bit meh to play for a while now.

I’ve mained Frost for pretty much every expansion since it became competitive for the very first time. I’ve stuck it out the entire time, and you know what…?

I’d do it all again.

Frost is my go-to spec; even through all the trials and tribulations it’s had over the years. I’ve never got the feel for Fire, and Arcane is just a clunk-fest for me. I’m able to be very competitive within my groups as Frost, and that’s awesome.


Do you ever have any problems getting into groups bc of just being frost? It’s my only fear lol.


I’ve been asked via DM if I was fire a couple times then didn’t get invited because I said frost… But I’ve personally never been uninvited from a key because of playing frost. Maybe I’m just fortunate.

However, mages aren’t in high demand like they were last couple tiers, so getting invited to 23s has been posing a problem unless it’s a necro dungeon or HOA.

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No, not at all! Once you really master your spec, and also obtain the end-game 4 piece set, you’ll be absolutely viable for anything and everything; even at the competitive level.

I only play affliction on my lock and frost on my mage . It’s just how it works for me lol

No but you need to be familiar with the other specs incase frost becomes the lowest preforming spec. I have focused on being just fire because I loved fire from vanilla and how you could stun with it in pvp. That being said fire hasn’t been preforming as well as the other specs until recently. This being said if you love frost then play it but you should be able to use all 3 specs just incase blizz decides it needs to bring the nerf bat to frost.

Like you I like/love cold and frosty things but idk the fact that frost has an elemental and the other two specs don’t bug me. I also don’t know why but I find frost boring I prefer fire spec.

It’s probably alright, but Mage is one of those classes that Blizzard always makes one spec giga powerful and the other two they leave it in the trash, so sometimes you gotta be ready to switch to be viable.

I understand though, for me Frost the closest we get to playing an actual mage since I always pictured mages being these utility gods that take full control of the battlefield, feels bad when I have to play Fire and especially Arcane.

So I can see this but also sometime mages need to just nuke. Thats how I see fire Mage. They dedicated their power to just pure destruction. They do have the same utility frost nova, poly morph and summon food. I see frost as the slow dps spec. Seeing how you have to get your target frozen to see the hard hits everyone likes. Or at least that’s been my experience with it but as stated above I need to learn the other specs so. I will be trying frost and compare it to fire.

What is going to be a pain is having a set of gear for fire, frost ,arcane.

Ah yeah, it’s mostly because I am used to the DnD Wizard fantasy, where it feels super calculated, you can’t switch spells on the go, you need to take a long rest to do so, so let’s say you are about to fight a giant lava monster, well, in that case water, ice and spells that can keep it away from your group will be your friends/

WoW mages just feel too static and “press whatever glows”, which I guess it works for a quick paced MMORPG design but it sacrifices a lot of established class fantasy to do so.

Yea I have only played D&D a few times and never was able to finish a campaign. The dm or half the group quit. I never played wizard as D&D and we never got over level 6. But yea I can see you’re point.