Frost mage talents and rotation shadowlands

I’ve been hearing that Glacial Spike isn’t worth using. Is that correct? What are the best builds and what does the rotation look like now?

Mage is looking to be a bit boring come shadowlands right now.

Trying to find a main is becoming quite the difficult task right now. I have beta access but I don’t have time to play every class and spec to see what I want to play.

I personally love the ice lance frost orb centric build. It feels fast and fluid with only 2 cast bars compared to 3 with glacial spike.

Basically rotation is
Frost orb then frost bolt till proc and hit your procs. Always follow brain freeze flurry with an ice lance and in shadowlands 2 ice lances in a row.

If you like glacial spike it would be to make sure you have glacial spike ready for your brain freeze proc and then cast spike followed immediately by flurry and then probably immediately hit ice lance.

It’s simple either way, but I like simple since my main content is keys.
And speaking of aoe, you just frost orb then blizzard to get orb back as fast as possible then same as single but mix in blizzard on Cooldown and cone for fun. There will be potential for some melee range stuff like ice nova legendary I think and also a great legendary that brings orb back faster with frost bolts.

I’m just excited that frost, and the legendaries and conduits for it, look strong in shadowlands. Currently kind of stuck playing fire on hardest content because the ceiling is too good not to. Not that fire isn’t fun, but I like frost a lot more.


Frost without glacial spike seems a little too simple and boring. Granted, it frees up brain freeze procs so you can use them freely but I love those huge glacial spike crits.


I wouldn’t mind if Glacial Spike were competitive in Shadowlands, but it is a talent I never enjoyed.


Personally I’d like to see Ray of Frost made viable.

From an overall perspective, while Frost does look simplistic, I’m happy it’s a return to more of the standard rotation (hated GS no-IL). It also has the best legendaries, best spell kit for all content, and seems to be the least reliant on a single covenant.

I was hoping to go back to arcane in SL but I like the standard frost rotation and it’s looking strong numbers-wise so I’m going frosty in the new expac. Anything but fire is fine by me.


I’ve been using this set up on beta

I’m putting some thought into Venthyr as well but Kyrian is solid too

I’m down for joining Kyrian and any talent built that uses Lonely Winter.

Shame RoP is the go-to but after playing it as Fire, I don’t hate it as much as I used to.

When do you use the 1 RoP that you have outside of the one that procs with Thermal Void?


Meh i use it wrong im sure lol…I wait till orb and my Kyrian ability are up then I use it

They are FAR from boring. In fact Frost is performing quite well in all content (PvE, PvP, and M+). Spike is not being used for two reason, mastery being low for now and the legendaries favor Ice Lance. Pretty much the original intention how Frost should be played has returned.


That’s what I was thinking too. That’s as “bursty” as Frost would get outside of TV.

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These are two completely different things. Just because something performs doesn’t mean ppl will like it and vice versa.


Frost is back to the its “normal” playstyle while having fun legendaries and has had very positive feedback from raiding, pvp and m+. Claiming a spec will be bad because unable to use a talent is not the way to look at it or judge.


I stand corrected on Venthyr it seems like…

Quoted from another thread…

Well, it looks like they just killed the conduit that made playing venthyr mage worthwhile. Here’s hoping they are either making major changes to the ability or are just being naive when it comes to tuning the damage.

Update from wowhead:

[Siphoned Malice] (Potency Conduit) Each time a Mirror of Torment is consumed your spell damage is increased by 10% for 10 seconds1.0% for 10 sec, stacking 3 times.
Rank changes:
1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0%

The rank changes do suggest they will need to change the numbers at some point though.

Not sure who you’re referring to. I never said frost was bad because I glacial spike isn’t the go to spec. If not referring to my posts then cool.

I just liked the huge crits glacial spike did. Huge crits are fun to me. I’m hoping the different builds are only like 1 or 2% difference for the sake of having different builds to enjoy.


Think that was known to be coming. The word was it was insanely OP … but you put it correctly: it was apparently the only reason to go Venthyr.

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Honestly, even on BFA live, my ice lance build with my gear always simmed higher than doing a glacial spike build, and when I go for my fire mastery gear and switch azerite to favor glacial spike, it’s still not better on a sim than ice lance.

So, while the sims don’t tell the full story of how to play a spec, the numbers at least most likely will support different builds.

Neither is inferring that which has not been stated or implied. No one said it would be bad so that’s your bad and really glad you think it’s looking fun, but fun is subjective and not everyone agrees with you.

This feels more like someone didn’t sing the praises of a spec you are excited about so you decided to lash out.

That just means you weren’t doing a glacial spike build

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It’s possible that with full mastery gear and many combinations of azerite, Essences, and talents, I missed the perfect glacial spike build that would have been a different enough sim to think it was better by enough of a margin to play its less appealing to me playstyle.

But the point remains that if it took dozens of sims with high levels of gear for each build, and differences weren’t drastic, then it remains possible that the same will be the case in shadowlands.

Remember that when a meta exists, many people will just follow it rather than trying to make the best version of their own build.

Probably not a ton of regular players out there with full haste crit corruption and numerous azerite combinations to test for themselves vs full set of mastery corruption to see the numbers with their own eyes on their own gear and with their own practice. It’s easier And less frustrating to just chase what has already been proven to be great.

Of course after all that, fire was still a LOT stronger on aoe situations, so I had to give that a go for a while once we got up to 18+ keys.

I just hope shadowlands lets us play what we want without such a drastically clear best option.

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Although I cannot say I love the GS build, for me, it is the best actual performing frost spec in 8.3 with 90% mastery.

Looking forward to a difference for Frost in SL though

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