Frost Mage is broken!

I hit an EFC (He literally picked up the flag within 1 minute, so stacks were low) for 50k. He had 54k Hp. This is before the frost mage buffs. Frost Mage is going to be meta in Pvp. No way this gets unnoticed.

This crit… was a frost bolt. I am NOT necrolord btw.

I’m pretty sure people have noticed this and it was even talked about when 9.1 was still ptr.

In b4 Frost nerfed 50% in all content. Can’t have them being even half-decent at anything.


It’s one of the very worst spec in the entire game. It must have been a random battleground, and said mage picked up berserking and used saltwater potion and other cooldowns to get increased damage and bursted the carrier, with a flurry shatter combo.

Ya’ll just didn’t pay attention, that’s all.


Spoiler alert: this didn’t happen. Or if it did the FC had 10+ stacks, plus the mage having all that you mentioned, plus Dark Arch, plus Skyfury. OP is exaggerating heavily. Iv hit 30k+ FBs on FCs with high stacks in rated don’t get me wrong but 54k is not happening. Maybe it was a crazy modified Glacial Spike? Iv got some crazy numbers from those with just self buffs.

That being said it is far from the worst, in fact it’s quite good in BGs. I mained Frost at 2300+ mmr last season and it’s even better this season. It is definitely rough in arena though you’re not wrong there


I have hit a duelist geared rogue in a duel for a 43k frost bolt. This is gonna be busted op.

Screen shots please. Even memeing with Spark, proc and on use I don’t think that’s going to happen.


I dont believe you. Please post with your mage so We can check your gear


Warthormage-Darkspear. Every minute when iceform is up i can hit 43k frost bolts. im literally folding max geared players lol

As I suspected, Kyrian memeing. Good luck getting that wombo combo off >10% of the time at any meaningful rating outside of RBGs.

That does not make Frost broken lol, that is OK xD. You need to cast RS, a flurry proc, not be dispelled when Ice form is up + RoP and not be interrupted.

How many specs can do that amount of damage without having to be that “lucky” ?


I mean its really easy. Just flurry into it and bam you have burst.

Push glad on your Frost mage then.


other specs do that damage and more even being targeted, for a frost mage to do damage it has to be in a corner, hided, the momment you being targeted forget about casting anything

Nah. I dont think I will.

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Shocking dot dot dot

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Yeah me too in 9.0 with salt water potion and zerking buff. Not op. Easy to counter, and can only happen in casual pvp.