Frost gems and JC made profession gear

Can craft q3 Resplendent Illimited Diamond (without inspiration proc) using q3 mats. Difficulty is 375, max JC skill on it is 361, so it requires an illustrious insight (+30 skill, 50 mettle) be used by the crafter. So, there’s a limited number (~2) that can be produced in a week. Send a personal order (Kettlecap-Dentarg) for at least 20k. Add a note saying you don’t want the order completed if I’m out of “mettle”. If you’d rather just depend on an inspiration proc, it’s a 21% chance using q1+ mats, your choice of commission on that one.

Also, can make q4 profession (q5 proc) gear – inscription accessories, enchanting accessory, jewelcrafting accessory.

q3 frost (secondary plus vers) gems using q3 mats (although these are already fairly cheaply found on AH).