Frost DK need a buff!

Frost dk is currently one of the worst output dps class in the game that have very little players. While it may be fun to play as frost dk but seeing other classes just do double of a fdk’s dps by clicking 2 buttons just make it much less enjoyable. I also strongly believe that a buff to frost dk to somewhat bring their dps closer to other dps classes would totally have an impact on the amount of new players joining the game.

How would that bring new players to the game?

increasing in diversity in character’s selection by making an useless class less useless would reduce the risk of current player quitting and increase the variety of selections for new players who would have more chance and likely to get interested in the game. In addition, this may cause media effects that get players into the game. Many new players quit after trying the game playing a few classes and do not find their play style and this would totally reduce that risk.

Them not doing damage is nothing to do with their play style and the media doesn’t give a toss about frost dk damage. I think you’re drawing a very very long bow to claim it will help attract new players.
Possibly it will avoid a very tiny number of people leaving.

oh you mean frost mage?

Imagine you tried half of the current class and do not like their playstyle. You tried Frost dk and was like: i love this! Farm all the way to lvl 60 and start doing mythic + and raid for gear to play with ur friends/guildies. Suddenly you get declined everytime you apply for a group and get kicked out of raid for not being unholy. Your damage is barely above tank’s damage and feel yourself useless: cant tank, cant deal damage, cant bubble to break traps in raids. At this point you might just want to give up. Tell me now if damage output doesnt affect playstyle?

Balancing classes is just like managing an investment portfolio where diversity of resources reduce risk of failure. Diversity mean every investment in the portfolio should bring return which is not an useless investment.


You seem to be confusing viability with playstyle. If your proposed new player starts raising they will either have to join a guild that is a ‘bring any class/spec you like’ casual guild or they’ll have to accept that if they want a more serious raid experience that part of that is changing class/spec to suit the needs of the raid group.

Im a new player and i only like frost dk playstyle but doesnt like it because i feel weak and start getting bored. Is that clear for you?

So you’re upset with the viability of the spec? Because you said you like the playstyle.

Frost DKs should be punished by being nerfed into oblivion. Finally, after years and years, blizzard adds new runeforges and what do you all do? Equip a 2h.