Frost DK is in a sorry state

Decided to play frost for a bit and it’s actually insane how bad this spec is. I think of all the dps specs in the entire game, frost dk has the lowest consistent and sustained damage. Obliterates hit for like 2k without a crit. Your entire burst window comes from Abom+Pillar+EmpowerRuneWep+Chill Streak+Frostwryms Fury. If you don’t win during your go, your consistent damage falls to such a low level that it’s actually wild.

Frost DK is literally reduced to running away and waiting for cooldowns. I know Frost DK is a spec not a lot of people like to play against, but I had no idea it was in such an abysmal state. I’m sure with a WW or a DH you could still make it work in 3s and try to win in the opener, maybe even throw in a Blessing of Summer paladin, but overall, the damage is so low it’s actually crazy.


idk ive seen frost dks pull 16k dps in 3s it seems p decent


My frost does decently well when I play it. Haven’t touched it much since mid season 3 because of unholy meta though

frost has the tools to pause the game between it and it’s windwalkers 1 minute bang
it’s not a fun playstyle or what most long time frost dk players are used to but it’s really strong when played right

Yeah I know it can win, and I understand that people who one trick the spec will play to it’s win condition, no matter how niche and unusual it is.

I’m not sure it’s burst window warrants it’s despicably low DPS outside of cooldowns. My resto shaman frost shocks for the same damage as my Frost DK’s obliterates.

If you’re going to do 40k dps to 2+ people every minute then you can’t be swinging between pillars.


imo the issue is that 2h is just incompatible with how modifier heavy the game is

if obliterate at it’s base did more damage then the damage during pillar would be too much so they’d have to template nerf frost dks mastery to remedy it

imo dual wield frost with high sustain damage coming out of frostfever/howlingblast/froststrike at the expense of obliterate being more or less just a resource converter for runes to runic is the way to go


Sounds like a l2p issue. Sure you don’t see many but that’s just cause unholy is insane. Frost isn’t bad at all I wouldn’t say they do dumb damage too.

from someone whos been 2600 in 2s and 3s last couple seasons as frost you are irrelevant outside of pillar. inside of pillar if you want to maximize ur dmg and pressure you need to make sure you don’t get peeled on your “go” ww/dk is the best comp since leg sweep chill streak is such a devastating combo but as soon as someone trinkets disarms or trinket blind, your waiting for that next 2 min go again. outside of your “go” your a chains of ice bot in most situations. if you don’t win by 2nd go its pretty grim. that’s my best advice for the spec I’m no r1 or god but doesn’t really take one to understand how to play frost. as much as ppl will meme saying 3 button class (like most melee these days) its very fun and super enjoyable when you win. btw 2s is kinda a self report as frost most every class you’ll find in 2s will take you out of the game during pillar. most anyone with a mes WA package or brain to see pillar on ur nameplate will know when to piss you off. good luck on your frost adventure <3


don’t think this part scans

Can anyone tell me what % of your dmg comes from your 4pc as a frost dk? I don’t have it yet. How hard do the glacial advances hit?

its been like this all of SL

This guy thinks otherwise :laughing:

On a side note, I’m not a fan of current Frost playstyle either. Scuff your go and you’re just useless. The spec has no tools

DF Frost talent tree looks cool though

2 charges of empower rune weapon and chill streak being available in the regular talent tree

Cross your fingures I guess

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Frost is like arms. Its still strong, but the other spec is just better.

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They definitely need to buff Frost Strike and Howling Blast primarty target at the very least.

Could probably also buff physical Obliterate and Remorseless Winter.

So basically everything except Frost Obliterate.

Tone down Empower Rune Weapon and Pillar a bit if necessary.

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I wish I could find them when I’m queuing to play with, the Frost DK toolkit provides the perfect storm of control and cleave support that Arcane needs.

brother what


I tried killing an afflock as frost…he just smiled and drained life while I was dead in less than 5 secs. Frost is garbage.

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Hard disagree with buffing Obliterate and remorseless winter, the damage is very good.

As for Frost Strike/Howling Blast, it is extremely weak true, and our frost fever damage is significantly higher than it. I always found it odd that frost dots is stronger than unholy dots, when unholy, by design, is supposed to be the rot spec (think shadowcleave days in legion)

The 1 minute go that DK has is good, the problem is, you often times have to use a defensive to ensure you get the full value if you want to get a kill against a good team (AMS offensively, for example)

They definitely couldn’t be bothered to do anything in season 4 (whereas, they made a strong effort to balance ret sustain with slight nerf to burst) We’re just waiting until DF to see if the spec will make a proper comeback.

idk why we keep trying to recreate the wheel. bring frost dk to what it was in WoD and its fine.