Frost DK - Alliance Frostmourne LF - GMT+8 Raiding guild for 9.2

5/10M Frost DK/Havoc DH LF for raiding team in 9.2 or reclears until new patch comes out.

[Alliance] Get Off My Property is a friendly semi-casual weekend raiding guild on Frostmourne and we are currently recruiting for 9.2. For the new raid, we will start with getting AOTC and then work our way through Mythic. We also do M+ keys weekly! We are looking for more dps, especially ranged dps (Mage, Boomkin, Shadow Priest ect.). If you are up for a fun atmosphere while we kill some bosses, we might be the right guild for you.

Raid times (GMT+11/Realm time):
Saturday and Sunday - 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

We provide cauldrons during raids. Always looking for more ranged. We also often do Mythic+ for any who are interested, usually after raids.
If you’re interested, feel free to contact one of our guild officers in game, reply to this thread or add me on battletag.

My Battletag: Aiman#1124
My Discord: Joralion#2919
Guild Leader: Cidianessa
Officers: Feron, Cittie, Joralion, Veroxion