Frost damage (frost bolt) issue

I am working a bit on this toon that needs a lot of work but while questing in korthia i noticed that i am struggling killing mobs…the only way to kill them fast is when brain freeze proc otherwise my frost bolt hit is pretty low.

Any suggestion? I read around frost bolt hitting for 14k…mine are really really far from that oO.

That is how it’s supposed to be. Frostbolt is just a means to get access to your empowered ice lances and flurries. I’m not sure where you heard frost bolt hitting for 14k. For questing I recommend taking that talent that gives you 2 frost novas. No procs needed and it guarantees you 2 empowered ice lances. If you have the freezing wind legendary questing becomes very easy as you can just liberally use frozen orb, ice lance, and blizzard to pretty much melt any mob in sight.

Assuming your WM is ON for this reply.

Since you have Ice Form, might as well take Rune of Power - you get an additional 40% SP via Rune whenever you pop Ice Form , which in conjuction with your other WM talents can fire off some strong Frostbolts.

But in the grand scheme of things, Frostbolt being that weak is pretty normal. It’s a filler, and a weak one at that. Fans of kiting are also viewing the task through rose-tinted lenses, as there are so many specs that can outright kill something twice as fast while you’re kiting it and risking butt pulling extra stuff at the same time.

Arcane is probably the best suited mage spec for Korthia, and it’s actually quite strong in open world PvE because it can stay in “Burn” longer than it would if it were continually DPSing, Arcane Power actually does damage, and it can quickly drop threat via Greater Invi. With warmode, Mass Invi opens up another invi option for you, which doesn’t break when you’re looting a chest/shroom/nest. You also get access to Temporal Shield which can heal a big hit from a rare or just offset 4 seconds of damage.

If you want to stay with Frost the best option is to craft a Rank 1 Grisly Icicle or Triune Ward to muscle through pain points. Pair Grisly Icicle with the double nova talent to hold mobs longer and just Ice Lance them, since Ice Lance on a frozen target beats Frostbolt. Triune makes you beefier and helps in skirmishes against the opposing faction if they ever happen. It’s also better anytime you have a target you can’t root or snare or when strangers keep breaking your Novas. They are both better solo legos than your Icebringer for what you’re trying to do.

Once you’re decently geared, Freezing Winds is good enough to where you can use it for all open world content comfortably, and you can refund the other legos for 100% of w/e you invested in them. Icebringer (Glacial Fragments) is a very niche, heavy AoE-only lego used on some M+ affixes and is generally a poor open world lego unless you have tanks who are doing large pulls and holding stuff for you.

blizzard, frozen orb, ice lance takes down packs of mobs

If anyone says their frost bolt is hitting for 14k, they are lying. I see you have the freezing winds legendary, which is great. Blizzard → Frozen Orb → Ice lances. That’s what I do. The more things to hit with Blizz, the quicker your frozen orb comes off cooldown, and the more ice lance procs you get.

If you want for strictly questing take the grizzly ice leggo. And also take the 2 frost Nova talent. Frost Nova large packs and funnel ice lances and orbs into them tell they die. The Nova does not break, the crit train keeps on rolling.

Do not use in dungeons or raids since other players damage will break your Nova.

Something I forgot to mention…if you feel that you are underpowered and you have a few strong on-use trinkets keep them in your bags and just rotate through them. 30 seconds is extremely fast and with travel time you can essentially always use your strongest trinkets. I would make an equipment set for each trinket and bind them to your bars. I still do this even though I’m plenty geared for korthia because it just makes it faster. A beefy stat stick/passive with a strong on-use trinket that you rotate is OP. Maybe you already do this but I didn’t think to do it until recently.

Wow guys thank you for all your suggestions

You’re not crazy. The damage from frostbolt in pve is laughable. If you don’t get procs, it takes an eternity to kill anything at all. For world Pve, you’re probably better using fire spec, as it has plenty of instant damage to take down solo mobs quickly.

Frost, as it is right now, is probably D tier in pve and like F tier in PvP. Hopefully it gets reworked in some way.

I can’t speak about PvP and single target PvE frost isn’t great but frost is top tier for mythic+.

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I don’t remember the last time I was Frost for anything outside of Raid. I did maybe 2 weeks in Korthia and then stopped because it’s an awful zone, and don’t M+. When I used to do open world stuff it was as Arcane because it was just easier to nuke things in 1-2 hits than wait and wait and wait for procs outside of FOrb.

But yeah, the fact that 60% or more of our damage comes from RNG procs is pretty laughable particularly when they don’t even feel powerful to use. Almost as though people on these forums have been requesting massive reworks of all specs for the past 3-4 years…