Frost aura fully resistable?

I can’t find anywhere whether or not Sapphiron’s ticks can be fully resisted. Only talks about needing frost resist. Which obviously means partial resists are a thing but It’s important to my spec.

I want to run magic absorption not only for the resistance for week 1, but if I’m able to fully resist, that talent will give infinite mana. Since I didn’t test on ptr all I have is videos of people using crazy UIs so I can’t even tell if they ever fully resist.

Also does amp magic actually work on that fight? I heard the negative damage increase isn’t applied to the ticking damage.

Can someone that actually tested ptr tell me?

It can be fully resisted by players who take the form of a corpse.


All elemental damage can be fully resisted with enough resistance or RNG in your favour.

Amp magic “should” increase all spell damage taken so your healers are not going to love you for it.

You haven’t looked very hard. It’s in the blue post when blizz announced the frost aura will only tick every 2 seconds.

As this guy said, why would you use amplify magic? If anything you’d want dampen magic to reduce the damage you take from the aura, not amplify magic to increase the damage you take. But really neither is great because you don’t want your heals to be gimped in a fight where you’re bound to take a lot of damage.

Aura ticks cannot be fully resisted, as it’s considered a DoT. 75% partial resistance is the cap.

The application of the aura has a 1% chance to fully resist, but frost resistance does not improve your chance of fully resisting the application.

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Nothing in that blue post is what I asked lmao. I asked if the ticks could be 100% resisted not how often the ticks occurred. Hello?

As for amp magic and dampen magic I’m fairly aware of what the abilities do…what I said was that there is a chance that the increased damage effect might be ignored for some reason. Is that logical? No.

Are you the kind of pally that bubble hearths after I do 90% of your health or 5%?

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Thanks man. I was able to find vids finally of the ptr with decent frames to see the dots ticking for 150, 300, and 450. That would make sense if it is a permanent dot. Curious if maybe it was just continuously being applied and the duration being refreshed unlike an actual permanent debuff.

…or is that the case but the chance to fully resist is just too low to matter?

Yes, this is how it works.

I like how blizzard needed to go watch old videos … its going to be interesting how these encounters come out with their massaged “authentic data”

I’m pretty sure Amp Magic is a boon on the Sapphiron fight. The extra damage you take would be mitigated by resist, while getting the full benefit of the healing modifier. So you’d take like 30-40 extra damage per tick but receive much more healing in return, making the fight easier to heal overall.

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Hey man check the mage discord, they always have good info on these types of things there!!

I’m fairly certain that this is correct. Unless the coefficients are bugged, Amp Magic should be beneficial in all but one encounter, and even on Loatheb it can be useful depending on how your raid is setup.

I like how people think double-checking a reference client that has been wrong in the past is somehow a bad thing. Apparently making sure the game works like it did back in 2006 is wrong and bad and incorrect.

Shoo, whiner.

Heh. You’re missing the point. My point in short is that Blizzard is full of it. Their data is obviously so messed up they don’t know up from down.

Making the game work as it did from 15 years ago is long gone, so it’s water off my back.