From SOM to Wrath transfers, why can't I go to Pagle?

I already have toons on Pagle and Pagle doesn’t ever have a queue, so why can I move my SOM toon to other popular servers like Benediction or Grobbulus?

Yes, my SOM toon is on a PVP server, but some of my destination realm options are PVE or even RP, so I don’t think server type is an issue.

Is there a reason for Pagle specifically being blocked?
Can I just use a free transfer and then pay for a Pagle one?

Pagle is currently locked to all transfers. It’s not locked to character creation, but it is still locked for transfers.

CS is not involved in the decisions behind locking realms and won’t be able to tell you ‘why’ it’s still locked. You can only wait for the development team to chose to unlock it.


Because at this time all of those servers are locked to transfers. There is no way to circumvent the locks. Only Devs can make the call to unlock a realm and most of the ones you’ve listed have been locked since the Wrath Classic prepatch. No Devs come to this forum, so any pleas fall on the deaf ears of us, your fellow players.

In addition to the link Perl provided, you can also keep an eye on this forum thread - they do update it when things are locked or unlocked.


My point is that Benediction, Faerlina, and Grobbulus don’t even allow character creation at the moment, yet my SOM has ALL THREE as free transfer destinations right now.

But… Not Pagle? Which, while I can plainly see is on the list, is less restrictive than those other three.

So why can I go to those, but not Pagle?

Because the Devs have decided to do it that way. We don’t know how and why they’re making the decisions that they are, we don’t know their processes or what is going on behind the scenes. All we have is the two places Perl and I linked to elaborate on what is locked or open on which realms.

Those decision-makers are not that great at communicating things, but unfortunately, there is no direct way to speak with the Devs, outside of tweeting @WarcraftDevs or posting to that monster thread I linked. They rarely interact directly with players outside of their Twitter - and honestly, I don’t look at Twitter for anything so I cannot even tell you how interactive they are there. What I do know is this particular forum can offer no more insight than what we’ve provided because absolutely no staff beyond our SFAs come here.

I know this is kind of the equivalent to a parental “Because I said so!” response, but with the Devs at the helm of that particular ship, that is essentially what we’re getting.


As a test, I just initiated my transfer of my Hunter to Benediction. It works.

I can transfer to Benediction, a server that doesn’t even allow character creation right now, for free. But I can’t transfer my paladin, the toon I care about, to Pagle - where I can create a brand new paladin right now if I wanted to.

So i have no way to check anything, but according to what perl linked there are free transfers OFF benediction, not onto it. So I’m not sure why you would be seeing that option unless something has changed from that page.

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Says the support article was updated a week ago, and I know the forum thread I linked hasn’t been updated since October 12th - both which fall well within that “Devs don’t communicate well” bit. So they could have opened up something and I wouldn’t be too shocked that it wasn’t announced. Those are just the two go-to spots that were keeping up with timely information for the most part over anything else.

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I cannot select any of the mentioned servers for paid transfers, but my SOM hunter, who was a throwaway toon the moment he lost his iommortal buff at 51, is now transferring to Benediction for free as we speak.

I am probably giving up on this topic after learning nobody here is actually capable of customer support and the whole forum division exists for no reason, but I stand by it being insane that I can transfer to servers with queue times for free but can’t transfer to Pagle, which has not had a queue a single time after the first day of launch for me.

Yes, that page indicates there are only free transfers off benediction and none are being accepted right now. I don’t really know anything about SOM, if it is a special server or what, but it must have special rules, as players at large cannot transfer to high pop servers, and there are free transfers off benediction available.

This forum is, as you’ve seen, largely players trying to explain how things are. Blues sometimes offer their insight. There is very little “the game is this way because” going on here that is beyond speculation or sharing what dev’s have already shared. Dev’s offer transfers where they want, they sometimes include a bit of a reason, but you aren’t going to get a conversation about it.


I have several characters on different SoM realms.

Characters that are on normal/PvE realms on SoM cannot transfer to Benediction/Grobbulus, etc; but they can transfer to Pagle and several other PvE realms.

Characters on PvP realms for SoM are only given PvP realm options to transfer to, and those include Faerlaina, Benediction, Grobbulus, even though they are locked otherwise.

Presuming far fewer people are on SOM servers than the regular ones, that makes perfect sense. I didn’t know what SoM was until I started googling before my last post.

I think it makes OP’s complaint a bit disingenuous. That a small and unique subset of players are allowed free transfers to locked realms, doesn’t really have any bearing on whether that realm should remain locked or other less populated realms should be locked to transfers.


Even when it was popular, the SoM realms had a smaller population.

Players on those realms advocated to be able to transfer to high pop realms when the servers got shutdown, a lot of players were worried their character wouldn’t be able to transfer to the realms they already play on.

Both PvP and PvE realms for SoM are allowed to transfer to high pop realms on WotLK; they just have to stay within the same server type. If the OP wasn’t trying to switch server types, they’d have no issue.


I have at least 3 PvE and even 2 RP options to transfer to, as a person on Jom Gabbar (PvP), so this is assuredly not the issue at hand.

I also just checked my priest on Shadowstrike (PVE) and it has the exact same options to transfer to. My PVE 41 priest can move to Benediction (PVP) as well.

I promise, I checked all the obvious things for why Pagle is not an option. But servers that are fuller with actual queue times are options while my home server is not for no discernable reason. Also, the post that initially announced transfers out of SOM last month specifically details that there would be no server type restrictions for them, provided the destination server, if PvP, does not already have toons of the opposing faction.

Pagle, and others are an option for me. But only on PvE/Normal realms, not sure why you are getting anything different.

Here are my options on Shadowstrike:

And here are my options on Jom Gabbar/Barman Shankar:

I was wrong in that there is one PvE option for the PvP realms, but Pagle should be an option from PvE realms.