From a new players perspective


I’m a casual and mythic level raider. Casual just means time invested and has zero to do with level of play.

It’s simple. This game rewards based on difficulty and group content. If you choose to limit yourself you only have yourself to blame.

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This isn’t new. LFR has always been time gated and staggered into wings. It’s the trade off you get for choosing to do the entry level solo content.

I disagree. I’ve found that this is easily one of the best expansions for world content. There’s a veritable plethora of well rewarding world content. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. :dracthyr_shrug:


How far should open world gear get up to?

Cause idk man a raid tier above m0 is fair enough in my opinion.

I think open world should grant the best gear in the game. But of course open world content would need to have an increased difficulty to impart this.

They could even add partially controlled NPC parties. You would have more variables to work with to make the content even more difficult than keys – though taking it in such a direction would be a bad idea.

A question none of you clowns ever seem to be able to answer is what will you even do with the gear once you have it? World Quests? I know you want to progress your characters or whatever but what do YOU intend to do with mythic level gear?

I’ve answered that question every time it’s been asked me but I’ll answer it again. Better gear helps you do pretty much anything in this game. Killing mobs faster can help you gather materials for professions with more efficiency, for instance.

Not only that, but you could use your gear for more solo content to push higher keys or whatever scaling they have for their design.

Furthermore, if I want to jump into group keys, I will already be geared for whatever level my gear is at.

Pretty much the same reason people want gear from keys.

Mate I am like 375 and I explode elites in the open world. No. What are you really after?

Did you read the rest of that post? I gave several other reasons. And no you’re not one shotting every enemy, especially elites.

I kill elites quickly enough that they are no longer a threat to me. My gear is barely better than the stuff you can farm from primal storm events. Do not start with me. I am always right.

I think this would make doing higher difficulty content less satisfying. I want to feel like I’m working my way up to strong gear.

For this reason I believe they scaled rewards to +20:

However even as a casual player let’s say you stuck to the weekly quest, conquest gear and maybe +2/+3 keys. You would still eventually end up in the high 390’s because valor upgrades go up to 392 for no rank and 395 for a rating of 600 (something you’d get anyway for doing all dungeons at +2/3). That plus the occasional heroic piece from the 4 m0 dungeon quest that comes rarely and the free primal infusion when Razageth comes to LFR means there’s a lot of sweet easy gear progression to come.

Yeah, zones of elite mobs with empowered abilities is sure solo friendly.

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I keep wondering why this is an issue for world content players. You don’t need a lot of gear to do well in the world content. The progression is renown, achievements, pet collection, professions… things like this are also a form of player progression. Not just gear upgrades. Plus it’s more fun to do it with others, some of the outside content encourages group play. If you want more gear then you do harder content that gives better gear so you can keep progressing it to do more harder content.

This expansion so far actually feels friendly for alts. You can jump into anything you were doing on them right away when you reach max level. There is no legendaries or covenants or conduits or torghast there to keep you from jumping in.

Well since you’re always right I guess this is a futile effort but, if you got better gear, you would kill them faster. If you are not one-shotting things, then there is always room for faster killing. Thus more efficiency, thus more materials collected per hour.

Sounds like a skill issue.

Why kill them solo?
You can be a casual and still party for world stuff.

You can gear better with world content now than you’ve ever been able to before, it’s just something they’ve decided to stick in their craw just so they can have a chip on their shoulder.

The original post in this thread has so many lies and nonsense in it, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

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Just like most raiders and key doers have skill issues cause I see people doing the content 20 or 30 ilvls lower yet you guys want inflated ilvls to do the same stuff sounds like a skill issue.and on top of that after people get inflated ilvls everyone needs those nerfs to boot.

Actually a casual-friendly change, as it reduces FOMO and means you can do the quests at your leisure instead of forcing you to log on every day.

Been that way since it was added in Cata, that’s not new. It’s there so that high-end players don’t feel forced to engage in LFR to get their tier gear.

They added buffs at 10 and 20 renown to speed up your alt’s renown gain.

Or PvP. If you’re not engaging with the 3 primary systems in the game, that’s fine, you’re not doing anything that needs gear of that level to do anyway.

I swear it’s like people don’t even want to try to do content and just want it mailed to their mailbox when they log in.

If you’re not doing high-end content, then you don’t need high end gear to fly around mining draconium or herding sheep in world quests.

The game rewards based on difficulty. Want better gear then stop doing brain dead content