<Frightened> 4/10M SoD Tues/Wed Weekday Team Fri/Sat Weekend Team

About Us:

We are a guild founded by long-time players and new players who enjoy playing together, whether it be raiding, mythic plus or casual aspects of the game. We want our players to have fun, respectful of others including our LGBTQ+ Community, and enjoy playing together and we are looking to add to our community and our TWO raid teams.

We expect our raiders to show up, be focused and be prepared at their raid time, take feedback from officers, learn from mistakes, make changes when needed or asked, strive to become a better player inside and outside of raid, know your class and ask for help when you need help.
Weekday Team:

7:00 PM-10 PM EST Tuesday/Wednesday

Current Progression:

4/10M 10/10H Sanctum

What are we looking for?

Tanks: Closed

Healers: Closed

MDPS: Closed

RDPS: Druid, Shaman, Priest, Lock

Weekend Team:

7:00PM-10:00PM EST Friday/Saturday

Current Progression:

10/10H Sanctum

What are we looking for?

Weekend Team:

Tanks: Any

Healer: Druid, Shaman, Priest

MDPS: Open

RDPS: Open

Recruitment Contacts:

Discord - OneTrickRick#9554, Mike#4409

Battlenet - onetrickrick#1259, Turin#11863

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

I am very interested. You guys are offering pretty much what I am looking for, This is not my main. Fill free to reach out to me.

Ill reach out to you today.

Still looking

still looking

Looking for melee and ranged

Updated for current needs

Still looking for members

Weekly reset

Hi!, im highly interested on being part of your weekened rooster. I play mostly on that time,
I play mage/dh (both spec), both have decent experience on M+
Im 7/10 H just doing pugs.
i really hope to fit in.

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Just add either btags or discord and we would be glad to talk to you and get you all set up thanks.

Updated current needs

Updated needs for roster

Bumpy bumoy

Still looking for people? Aotc raider here (WW main). Looking for friday//saturday raid team.

Hey sorry yea add my btag and ill get to you

242 Boomchicken looking for the Fri/Sat team if spots are still avaliable. I sent request in game.

hey you guys looking for a resto shaman? aotc main 4/10 m

sent a discord friend invite, wonkykong