Friends buying gold for GDKP runs

One of my friends just told me they bought 40,000 gold so far to gear our their warrior alt, and are going to buy more now that they boosted their warlock alt to 60 to prep for TBC release. They said it only cost 5,000 gold to boost their warlock from lvl 20-60.

I asked if they were worried they would be banned.

Guess their response.


I mean, they literally have no dev’s dedicated to classic. So why would they bother to put GM’s to work on it too.


Well that wasn’t their response, but I can see where you are coming from.


In a gdkp pug discord, I heard an Indonesian guy with sort of a British accent talk about how he’s been selling gold since phase 1. He was convincing another pug that it’s perfectly acceptable to buy and sell gold since in retail blizzard sells gold directly, and that’s why it’s “unofficially legal” in classic.

He was also talking about how the prices are “fair market value.” If you have trouble affording items, the trick to getting away with botting is just start up right after they publish a ban wave, and become “most vigorous” for the months following because there is no chance of another ban wave. When I heard that I started considering finding another game even though I still have fun in this game. We’ll see.


yikes thats bad

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Its easy for random people to cook up and serve stories. No need to believe everything.


Classic has been pay to win for a while now. A complete abomination compared to vanilla. Blizzard might as well release wow tokens and lvl 60 boosts for $.


They already exist in China classic

This person is your friend?


Honestly, I feel like a sucker farming for hours when everything is so inflated because of good buying. It makes the need to buy gold circular.


Didn’t China solve the bot issue WITH THE TOKEN? Or did I imagine something again?

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They did, why do you think all the china bots are on US servers, ruining then, now?


thats an oof

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it can’t possibly be true… 30-50 in mara cost me about 500g… I did 20-30 myself but those runs are cheap. 50-60 is expensive but its not THAT expensive, maybe another 500-1000.

A quick google tells me he paid $750 ish for that gold he got (server dependent). So in the long run he may just be equating that to the boosting service from one of these companies that sells the gold instead of saying i leveled the class sitting there afk.

could be… those numbers make it even less believable though…

Keep in mind that most people playing this game are not 15 years old anymore. They make there income and this game is a hobby to them. Much like other people who spend thousands on there hobbies, people that play games are no different. Assuming this person played enough to do the things the OP said, i would not put it past people to buy gold at that rate.

$1000+ in a year? I don’t know… I am 42 and make about 4x the average household income for my area and I sure as shlt wouldn’t spend that for gold lol… Hardware to run it on? sure… Desks, chairs, lighting, etc? sure… gold? nope


And did you report them? I’m assuming no, and that’s why they don’t get banned.

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imagine snitching on friends, yikes, no matter the circumstance