Friendly Reminder: transfers can end tomorrow (Monday)

Transfers can turn off as early as tomorrow per their post, so if you want to join Heartseeker, I bet they’re going to close our transfers earlier than the other servers since they seem to be struggling more than we are. Join us quickly because I doubt we’ll get any more transfer windows in the future.

It’s hard to tell without census working, but the alliance side of Heartseeker feels MORE than healthy now. I also have seen quite a few horde but we definitely outnumber them.

I put together a sunken temple run today in about 2 minutes by whispering people directly, which is very different to our population even a week ago. I did a /who for every individual level between 50-60, and the only level bracket that returned less than 50 were 58 and 59 - and they were both over 30 players long.

I’m curious to hear how it’s going on the horde side, but the alliance side is amazing.

This Implies the potential for transfer to start being closed later today (it is now Monday here.) So he isn’t wrong.


Honestly the horde side feels really good too. I haven’t had any issues finding groups for dungeons or elite quests.


I’m really glad to hear that! It seemed like you guys had filled in a bit, but I didn’t want to assume that was true.

Bump. Heartseeker needs more Horde so we can stay balanced.

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All my fellow pvp players on Stalagg… It’s 70/30 or so H/A, and there’s no good way to fix faction imbalance.

More and more Alliance from Stalagg and Skeram are leaving those realms to join HS, so the imbalance in them keeps increasing. If they actually want to wpvp I’d try convincing them to make the move before it’s too late and you’re all stuck in a realm with no alliance.

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It’s funny reading these comments, when in game I mention about Alliance numbers and I get laughed at. I personally see tons of Alliance in every zone on Stalagg. In fact a lot of time there’s more Alliance in Gagzetzan then Horde. Alliance gank Horde all the time.

It’s weird seeing people all cry the sky is falling when in server it’s anything but