Friend group LF new guild

Hello World! (Of Warcraft)

Not really sure where to start on this. My friends and I have been playing this game together for quite awhile. We founded our own guild a few years ago in order to avoid the rat race that is the competitive Heroic and Mythic raiding grind. Don’t get us wrong, we love raiding and Mythics, but as adults with kids and real life events going on, its hard to dedicate as much time to the game as before.
The guild has changed so much though from its original intent that, its now just, not the relaxed vibe that it once was.
So, myself and a few friends, probably a group of 4-6, (maybe more) are looking for a new home (some more just socially casual some looking for raid content). We enjoy running Mythic+ and are 7/8H for VOTI. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously and most importantly are looking for a place that is really socially inclusive. Some of us have been playing together for 6+ years so community is really important.

Current raid days are Fri-Sat 6-9 Central and would like to stay close to that time range. Open to moving faction / server for the right fit.

Let me know if we sound like your people!

Server: Illidan
Faction: Horde
Raid days/times:
* Friday: 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM (Central Standard Time)
* Saturday: 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM (Central Standard Time)

Alternative Raid day/time:
* Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Central Standard Time)

About us:

is a guild thats mostly buddies just here to shoot the sh-- and enjoy the game, whether it be World PvP - Keys - Raid - or the occasional transmog run or even a game night or a movie night. We are all here to genuinely just enjoy ourselves and get some Mythic bosses down every Tier.
The guild was formed 2 weeks after the start of Dragonflight as we couldn’t find a guild to meet our times, we thus brought together a bunch of other friends and formed our raid team, however that doesn’t complete our 20-man required Roster.
THATS WHERE YOU COME IN :slightly_smiling_face:

What we ask of you as a member of our Raid team:

  • Please be on time, enchanted (we have enchanters), flasked and ready to go. Yes I understand these are basic but I would like to state that.

  • Please be a semi-active/active player within the guild/discord and be able to complete keys/mythics. Please do not make the guild gear you thru raid only… Help us help you help ourselves :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Give your best effort to let us know if you cannot make it, within our discord we actually have channels to designate to say if you will be tentative and/or not able to make it. We rely on that to say if our core members will make it to raid on time.

None the less…

We do ALOT of trash talking within our guild, A LOT <—
If you cannot take it, this may not be the home for you.

If you would like to chat a little more… Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Discord.

Guildmaster: Shabroe#3839
Myself (Recruiter): Builduhbear#4582
Officer: Gangaskahn#1329

Thank you for giving your time to read this post and think about us as a guild/team.
Have a great day and good hunting!

We are Mythic Misfits (Bleeding Hollow - Horde), a new guild on Bleeding Hollow made up of a group of experienced raiders and Mythic+ key pushers that wanna have fun and kill bosses. We have three raid teams that are all recruiting!

Raid times:

Tuesday & Thursday (7/8 H) 8-11 est (Competitive - Heroic with Mythic Push) – Looking for Holy Priest, Warrior, Monk, Melee DPS, Tank

Thursday & Saturday (5/8 H) 7-10 est (Heroic with some Mythic) - Ranged DPS, Resto Druid, Balance Druid, Mage, Preservation Evoker, Priest (Holy/Shadow flex or just Holy)

Thursday & Friday (6/8 H) 8-11 est (Heroic)

*Note: For mythic, you will need to be on Bleeding Hollow due to realm locking. As well, based on the bosses the teams are working on, there will be DPS requirements to ensure we’re meeting DPS checks. Both teams will require you to do at least 4 mythic keystones a week to give two additional vault slots.

For inquiries: Jezzabelle#11726 (Bnet) or Jezzabelle#9867 (Discord)

Just split off a new guild this expansion on Earthin Ring. But what we got so far sounds like a good fit to me. More than welcome to come check us out on discord, hang out see what you think. [TGRE#8558]

Hi. I think you and your friends might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST. We also run m+ throughout the week.

We also have achievement seekers. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

Hey @teddytank

We are a group of raiders that are in the same position as you. All adults with real lives and kids and schedules so we get where you are coming from. We do raid tho only Tuesday/Thursdays 8-11 CST. We have a raid night on Sundays but this is to get some people extra gear from old content or alts that we may or may not need for specific comps.
Let me know if you want to talk more, would like to discuss who wants to raid and who wants to just hang out.

Edit: wanted to leave my discord Disbeliever#1140, post left it out. Hit me up anytime of the day.

We should definitely chat.

Discord: Ehlissa#9836

@Teddytank feel free too message us too see if your a good fit. Brain Squad, H on Area 52 very laid back no requirements. Building a community more than anything. One progression raid night, and mostly just do content together from pvp to pvp. Message Hotmayobunny#9195 (Discord) or Hotmayobunny#1738 (battle tag) for info.

Hey Teddy,

I think we could be a place for you:

Would love to chat, hit me in discord: Arth#0814

Thanks man!

Hey guys,
I know what it is like to want a great community and that is why we created Falkor.
Here is some info about us.
Falkor was created by players who just LOVE the game. Most of our community have mythic raided or currently are and are looking for a fun relaxed community and weekend raid environment.

Raiding will be a relaxed but, progressive environment, focusing on AOTC and possibly beyond. The Goal of the Raid team is to get AOTC and go as far as we can maintaining a strong no drama, no stress environment. So yes you can have a life outside of WOW!

We are a 21+ guild of Veteran players looking to fill out our Roster. We push high keys, PVP, and fun community events. M+ Players Welcome.

Raid Nights are 8PM-11PM EST Friday and Saturday
Progress - We got a late start and have only raided 4 nights Heroic and are currently 6/8H and expect to progress fairly quickly.

Guild Needs:

Healers - Priest to fill out but, all experienced healers welcome

Tanks - We do have 2 tanks with Mythic experience we are looking to DPS. If you are interested in Tanking and have experience please reach out.

DPS - We have a few DPS spots open. All experienced players can apply.

Interested? Dille in Discord - Dille#2417

Teddytank, if you and your friends are still looking for permanent home, reach out and lest see if we might be a good fit for everyone.

We have a community raid that is casual AOTC focused that runs on Sunday and Monday nights from 9p-11p Eastern time. If some or all in the group have the availability and are interested we have a mythic focused raid team that runs on Thursday and Friday 9p-12a Eastern.

You can contact me on at deathfire#1102 or discord at deathfire#8715

I look forward to speaking with you.

This is our guilds recruitment post:

United We Loot - Recruitment

My raid team may have an interest depending on what roles you all play.

We have a solid raid team of about 16 people. Chill atmosphere, good natured, former CE and AOTC raiders.

Currently 7/8H. Once we have a full roster we will dip our feet into early mythic bosses but definitely not looking to do CE raiding.

Due to wanting to have more time available for real life we raid one night a week on Wednesdays from 7-11pm CST. We’re on Mal’ganis, Horde. I know it isn’t your listed weekend schedule but didn’t know if only 1 raid night a week was more appealing.

If interested hit me up on our discord-

We may be the right fit, we’re a small tight knit family/friends guild that has been playing together for a long time…here’s our recruitment post…

[Elune] Fidelitas is recruiting more for mythic+ and raiding. We are a casual, adult family and friends group that has played many games together (including this one) for quite a long time, and we’re looking for a few more like minded to join for group content. Please reply to post, in game Greylight, or dm Grey | An Vod’ika#7430 in discord. Good hunting!

Hiya! I am the GM of a new guild on Kil’jaeden called Absolutely Not. We’re mythic + focused, and we were recently looking to see if there is enough interest to raid, and there is.

I would love for you and your friends to check us out and chat with us in Discord to see if you’d like us enough to eventually join us. But if you want more people to play with in general, that would be great, too. Feel free to add me on bnet so we can chat: Nikkichip#11219


Hey Ted,

I have a small casual guild on Zul’Jin looking for more people to simply join our raid team on sunday/monday 930PM EST. If y’all would like to get an invite, we’d be more than happy to send one and see where it takes us.

We are an extremely small guild so please don’t have super high expectations, ha!

Zozz#0329 (Discord)

Hi there
7/8H Raz at 36%
Tues/Wed 830-1130 eastern.
Grimfrost[A] on Emerald Dream
8/10M on Sod
5/11M on Sofo

Looking to fill last few core spots before heading into mythic. If you’d like to join a small, tight knit guild who enjoys the game as well as cursing like sailors, then I’d love to talk. We also run keys upwards of +20s

Mortiia#6352 on disc

Let’s talk

Hey Teddytank,

Let’s chat, I think youd be a good fit.

Corrupted Intent is a 21+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic mindset as well as being active in Mythic Plus. Current GM has 15 years of experience as a GM & Officer’s have years of leadership experience as well as AOTC & Mythic Raiding Experience as well as most of our community has AOTC/Mythic experience.


  • Knowledge of class/fights and prepared for the raid
  • Communication
  • 80% attendance & punctuality & accountability for raids
  • Progression Mindset, and a team player, includes ability to take constructive criticism

Raid Days & Times:

Fri & Sat 8-11pm EST
Current Progression: 8/8N 5/8H

Healer: High Priority (Disc Priest, Resto Shaman, Evoker)
Dps: High Priority- Melee Dps

**Any and all players that feel they would be a good fit, should apply whether your role/class is listed or not **

Contact Information:
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

Hello Teddyl!

I thought maybe you might be a good fit for us so I wanted to drop by and tell you a bit about our little family! We are a progressively-minded AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, that’s currently looking for more players to add to our roster for DragonFlight. We have 2 progression teams to choose from! (Raid times for our teams are in the link I’m including)
I’m including the link to our guild information for you to check out if you find an interest to do, as we do have other things going on throughout the week and plan to be adding to that soon! We have something for everyone! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I hope to hear back from you soon and that you have a great night!