Friar Kennik (Short Story)

Before I begin I’d like to preface this with a disclaimer. I’m an MMO vet however a complete WoW noob. I started day 1 on Vanilla Wow and for whatever reason it didn’t resonate with me. I’ve played about every MMO since then and only out of boredom did I try WoW classic. It took all of 15 mins for me to realize I missed something magical in this game and after making a couple toons over a couple different servers I believe I’ve finally found my main, my home, and my story…

   I grew up in a small hamlet outside of Stormwind City. While most young kids were off playing Orcs and Humans I was the one waiting at home base pretending to heal the injuries of the "warriors". I would seek out hurt animals and hover my hands over them hoping for a miracle, begging the gods for the power to help. One day on my 13th birthday I saw a horrific cart accident that left a small boy barely breathing by the roadside. I rushed over knowing that I could help. As I laid my hands on his chest I felt a warming of my finger tips. The golden glow built slowly but got more intense as the heat rushed out of my hands and into the boy. I felt his body gasp as I collapsed from exhaustion. I awoke to my parents and a Priest standing over me. It seems I put on quite a show and got their notice. I was immediately welcomed into the priesthood to begin my training. I had never been happier. 
      Most of my days were filled with the happiness that comes from truly helping mend people. Not just in body but in a part of their souls. It came as no surprise to my order when I was called to the war effort to help our soldiers on the front, it seems my boyhood dreams were to be a reality....
      Weeks went by and I grew accustomed to sights and sounds of battle. My work a never ending healing and repair to the brave men and women of the Scarlet Crusade.  Our mission was to hold back the horde of the Lich King's Undead and to find a cure for this plague. We spent months sending out raiding parties to try and make a dent in their monstrous numbers, each time less and less of us returning to camp. One night I awoke to scream coming from Captain Dargol's tent. I made my way there fearing the worst. 
                   What I came upon forever changed me. In the tent tied to a stake was one of the Forsaken. His stench hitting me before I could take in his rotting flesh. This one was different though. Where normally, I could sense the void in their husk where a consciousness should be, this time I felt it, the unmistakable warmth of a soul. A soul being tortured...... I grabbed the Captain's arm and begged him to stop. This wasn't some tool of the Lich King, this was a person. He didn't look like us but he was alive. No living creature deserved this. His guards shoved me aside and he spat the words that would forever change me, " By order of his Holiness Archbishop Benedictus this land is to be cleansed of all Forsaken. No mercy shown and no quarter given. We are to use any tools possible to cleanse the land of this infection" I couldn't believe my ears, this wasn't what I signed up for. This goes against every tenant of our faith! I refused to believe him, then he showed me the edict. Written right there on parchment, the Archbishop's seal still visible. My stomach churned as the screams started again, tears running down my face. I couldn't stand by while this poor soul was ripped apart over questions of troop counts and supply lines. Judging by his decay and his clothes he was a newly deceased farmer, and had no idea such information. My hands clenched in a rage, a deep cold releasing from my fingers. Before I could even process what was happening the Curse left my hands and bounced off the good Captain's gleaming armor. I never felt the knife that slid across my throat. The only thing I remember was falling into a pit of darkness and hearing the call of the Lady.
      While my heart cannot beat again, my work is far from done. My cause just and my target set. I will do what is right not only for my people, but for all living things across this land, while it is true this land is infected it is not the plague I came to Tirisfal Glades to fight. It is the plague of evil men and women who come to do others harm for no reason other than being different. I will look for others to help my cause. Other brave warriors in the battle against evil. For even tho I am called Forsaken it is them that will lose all.......
                                Formerly Friar,

Well done! Excellent back story!

Thank you!

Wonderful read; welcome to DD!

(shameless guild plug for our friends in The Order of the Forsaken, led by the honorable Skullcap)

Well written, Kennik. I look forward to running across you in the world!