Fresh New RP Role Call!

Greetings, darlings! I am Gravemaster Vorghana Felsworn, tender of the newly awakened and Second in Command of Order of the Forsaken.

There are many among us who wish to strengthen the bonds of our community. Many have risen and fallen in our short and ever-unfolding history. Many scattered to the wind. Many lost and seeking refuge. I seek those still committed to our cause. Perhaps we can find new allies and new clans may emerge from the ashes.

If you count yourself among the Dearly Departed, the doors of the Order are open to you. We offer sanctuary from your suffering. You are welcome, beloved, and perfect as you are. Let us help you achieve that which you desire!

To the Horde, if you are interested in joining our budding unification, the Thunderhoof Tribe and Order of the Forsaken have begun efforts to bring other into our cause. We hope to have our unified forces and protection stretch across all of Azeroth!

To the Alliance, it is been a pleasure joining you in cross-faction events. Overall it had been a respectable truce when our goals align. I would like to invite more opportunity for these types events as well as develop rules of engagement and penalties for those who dishonor us by preying on the weak and unsuspecting. This goes for both sides of the fence. We must all represent ourselves well.

Please introduce yourselves. Tell us of your goals, intentions, aspirations, and desires. I look forward to working with you all.

Warm Regards,

Vorghana Felsworn


Ha, no RP guild for smelly orcs.

Actually every race of the horde stinks.


Not Tauren, they make tasty steaks.

That’s only after they’re butchered. Before then is a completely different story.

You got my support there. I am a strong advocate for honorable PvP and cross-faction events. When people are smart about their behavior in the world - and think before acting - brings out the best of people and makes our community more alive and interesting!


Nicely said Vorghana.
The heart and conscience of the Order.

I will share the mine.

The Order will conquer the living. Completely, without remorse or hesitation. We are the predators, the living are the prey. Forsaken know better than any other Horde how our enemy thinks. We used to be them!

The risen have defeated death only to inherit a world where we must look over your shoulder wherever we go. Together we will end this, bringing much needed order to a world in chaos!


Aovi Moonwatcher of Thunderhoof voicing support for community building on DD.

Thunderhoof has had a couple events with the Order now, and both of us are looking for more guilds, Horde and Alliance, to coordinate and enhance the story of our server through multi-guild events and honorable WPVP.

Stop looking for the perfect server to roll on and build the world you want to play in right here. All servers have the same map, the same quests, the same dungeons; the difference between them is the players on them and how they respect and work towards community.


Aovi is right. In other words: you get out of the community, what you put into the community.

I see a lot of people who are more concerned about their own experiences, than they are about the experiences of other people in the game. But what they don’t realize is that contributing to other people enriches their own life, not only in the game, but in general. That is why selfish people seldom find true happiness.

Find a way to help other people, and you will find that the duty you have towards others gives you a satisfaction that is lasting and deep. By doing so, you become a better person, and help others to become better themselves.

If you believe that a higher population equals a better server, then by all means, please go to Grobbulus. But if you are willing to contribute to a community and make it even better than it was before, then you’ve found your home here in Deviate Delight. There is no middle ground, choose one or the other.


/e Gives Aovi a standing ovation


I would like to meet with both Aovi and Vorghana if possible. Please reach out to me!


Franquito, how good to find you here! Jenasis is the Head Mistress of the Order of the Forsaken. I am sure she will be interested in attending as well. Let us find a way for us to all come together.


I can usually be found after 8PM server.

I just happened to be in Org when you started Cheese Vendor.

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I have sent letters to the appropriate people. If they do not reach you in time we can always reschedule.


Roma can verify that Aovi can also be found at Thunder Bluff’s public pond.


Without the Order and forsaken like Vorghana I would not have made it out of Tirisfal. The Order is a friend to all forsaken.


You honor our Order with your words. You are most welcome and loved.

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Vorghana Felsworn. Gravemaster of the Order of the Forsaken, blessed member of the Three. Your words ring true and remind this rogue why the Order is my home. I will follow the Blessed Three into Stormwind if necessary. You honor our Order with your words and actions. I, Bigwig , son of Stormfjell, will stand at your side whatever the situation and with whomever you side…“Rest is for the weary, Pride the foolish, honor the Order”

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Coming to Deviate Delight from Grobb and thinking about making a Undead! just because of this post! I loooove it!

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And I have come to Deviate Delight, I am the Undead they call Voidfather!


My darling, Voidfather. The Order welcomes you with open and loving arms. We will all be ever so pleased to meet you. Seek us out when next you wake. The Head Mistress Jenasis should have a courier headed your way.