Fresh Beta Wave

Wondering if anyone’s heard someone got invited to beta today. If I know the wave is done for this week, I can at least start moving on the the next stage of grief for another week. Can hit “acceptance” just in time for next Wednesday all over again.


I got it today, though I don’t know how many waves they do per week :woman_shrugging:

I hope you get it!

welp time to sleep till next week :frowning: #nobetaclub


Yeah new wave apparently went out a bit ago.

Glad I saw this - I just looked and I’m in. GL to everybody!


think im going to just let my sub run out, and if i don’t have beta by then ill just come back when SL hits…


Facedesk and sigh.

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No beta for me - first time in 10 years. Its okay thou, I have better things to do.

If it makes you feel any better I’ve had beta access since the 29th and still can’t post on their forums…

I know that feeling. If it wasn’t for the fact that my guild’s raid team is already stretched direly by people dropping out until SL, I’d be gone.




So, apparently the impact of my face to desk was loud enough for the Overlords to overhear! :star_struck:

Good luck to everyone in the future! And thanks, Blizz! :heart:


Nevermind boys, I literally just got in within the past 15 minutes. GL to everyone else and thanks Blizz!

I just got one

Mine just landed… /bye

everyone posting in this thread is getting one, hurry get one before they run out!

Not to brag, but I got it :moneybag: :moneybag: :sunglasses: :moneybag: :moneybag:

no beta inv :frowning:

Noice. Let’s look! Ohh, dang.

I’ve just resigned myself to never getting beta :skull: I’m compensating with daiquiris and ice cream instead :clinking_glasses:


i don’t think i did but get this…

I came home and my blizzard launcher downloaded a file named "Unknown game (wow_beta). Once it was done downloading, it wasn’t available to play! lol

the 18 gigs of data it downloaded are in the World of Warcraft directory on the hard drive, and I can click on the beta testing game launch executable file, but when i log in, the servers are red and it tells me its incompatible and proceeds to disconnect me.

I got full on catfished by blizzard last night and today! lol

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