Frequent spikes in World latency

Same here. At this rate it’ll be the entire expansion and into the next one for me.

Its BAD but expected from the likes of you KNOW WHO…B is for Blizzard but B is also for BURN!

That’s the hop where your issue starts - 14% packet loss that persists.

It appears to be the first hop on your isp. The solution would be with your isp, so call them and let them know you have packet loss on the first hop in their network.

pingplotter shows that you have a problem starting from your own house. Check the router, check your cable or your wifi setup, including wireless channel

I’ve been having a lot of latency issues the past few weeks but finally found something that fixed the issue for me and one of my friends. We do a lot of bgs, arenas and dungeons and he usually gets the same latency issues when it occurs for me and he’s in a different state and using different ISP. My latency issues would occur when using my ISP and when using a mobile hotspot. Before the fix if my latency increased to 200ms it would feel like 2000 and sometimes my world ms would randomly spike to 10000. Now if my ms increases to 150-200ms I cant even notice it now and game 100% playable. It’s such a relief to be able to play the game as normal again. Hopefully this can help others in this thread.

I tried this and sadly, no change. Hopefully it will help others though.

I’m also in Sask Canada. Glad I’m not the only one here with the same issues.

Now things have gotten even worse, with constant 1k+ MS periods. No help from ISP either.

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Unplayable for me 1k Home ms and 6k global ms now. Starting to happen after Christmas. Some days the game is uterly unplayable. Have spikes all day today. Same with classic WOW. Sometimes my Ms appear normal but things dont respond to interaction in the game and I became unable to log out or exit, have to Alt+f4 my way out. It is not an ISP thing because my ESO and Guild Wars work fine. All my Steam and Ubisoft games that require constant internet conection work fine. I am from Brazil and people in the USA, Canada, Oceania and EU is having this problem. Just look in the respective forums.


Same. It’s horrible to play right now. And no one seems to care.

Ever since patch drop I have experienced major lag in raids (4000ms) is not uncommon. I will say the most annoying thing I have had issues with is the constant screen freeze or studder. It happens every 5 to 10 minutes. I have checked all my settings and even went through and turned off graphic options I don’t care about or use. I never had this issue before the latest patch. I am getting 118% of my plan internet speed so I am having no issues there. Just hope this gets looked into as it really makes playing a struggle.

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Made a new topic on this yesterday. Mine will spike world in 124 ping and its like being disconnected from the internet. Im in discord and its fine. Game is unplayable at the moment and it started happening at 10.2.5.

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