Frequent disconnects >6 months

Hello, I am at my wit’s end. I have had frequent disconnects for about months. Nothing has resolved them.

I will describe the problem. Every time I start playing WoW, anywhere from 1-30 mins, I will get a guaranteed disconnect that lasts anywhere from 30sec to 5min. This only occurs when starting WoW. It does not show an internet disconnect in my system tray. It does not interrupt the wifi connection running Netflix for my wife upstairs. It will disconnect chrome pages and twitch on my other monitor.

The disconnects still occur if I am not running anything on the second monitor. I initially tried the DNS flush method, which did not work. I purchased a new modem, router, and cabling. This did not work. My internet company has assured me there are no problems with my connection. Today, I set up a brand new computer, fresh copy of windows. I ran an internet stress test while I slept, no disconnects. I downloaded and installed wow and was disconnected on initial login. I was disconnected again within 10 minutes. I have tried with/without addons, disconnects still occur. The time of day makes no difference, it occurs at all hours.

This began to occur when Shadowlands first came out. I cannot play the game in any meaningful way. Keys are impossible, as is raiding.

To be fair, Netflix buffers lots of data so you can keep watching movies when your connection becomes slow or drops out. So we can’t use this as part of the troubleshooting.

I recommend checking your modem or router for an IP Lease time, which may be set to a short period like 30-50 minutes, causing a reconnect. Additionally, you’ll need to capture a disconnection in a WinMTR to truly track down the origin if the previous suggestion doesn’t resolve this.

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