Free xfers from high to low are needed now

I JUST LINKED IT. They said to avoid the high or full servers. Unless you’re saying that they DIDN’T say avoid them, in which case then they NEVER told us to get off stallag making you wrong either way.

You never linked anything from blizzard. Do you actually know how to link a blizzard blue post - you know the one you claimed said this.

This is literally what you linked, what are you attempting to say? If your saying blizz DIDN’T say avoid any of these server then you realize that you’re still wrong right?

This was YOUR ‘proof’ to show me that they said get off stallag. If you’re discrediting your own ‘proof’ then I have nothing else to say and you clearly lost this whole argument.

Lol jesus christ you really are this stupid.

Yes I know you are wrong repeatedly and cannot link blizzard saying that without admitting you are wrong about something else as well, so all you can resort do is insults. Poor guy, no wonder you ended up with a server with a queue time.

You do understand what I linked, is the whole basis of this argument right? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blue post or not. This is what YOU LINKED to prove to ME that blizzard said get off stallag. If you’re now discrediting it then you just made my job way easier and are admitting that blizz never said to move off stallag.

You do understand this right?

We aren’t even talking about that.

We are talking about this statement.

I asked about about 10 posts to provide a link for that and you cannot. All you want to do is misdirect and it is really sad.

I was referring to what YOU linked. Once again, it doesn’t matter if blizz actually said that or not, because if you’re saying that the post YOU linked is fake (which is what I was referring to) then you just proved yourself wrong.

Yes I know you did a huge misdirect but I can see you are unwilling or incapable of proving what you said.

Fine here is the post that I was referring to blue text and all.

Urge you to play on new realms instead of high/full pop to avoid high ques

Why did you want this link to be blue again?

You’re just trolling at this point I’m done. Proved you wrong, got what I wanted out of it, and made you look like an idiot. Good day.


And see here - 4 new servers which were NOT high or full that were suggested to you to move to prior to release and 2 others that may have been right around release time so 6 NEW servers.

At this time, all realms that have a Full or High population tag are expected to experience extended queues. We urge players on realms marked Full or High to plan to play on one of these new realms to avoid the longest queues, and to help spread the player population as evenly as possible and provide the best play experience for everyone.

I literally said in a couple posts after the one you kept linking that the only ones available were RP servers or brand new ones. And then laughed at you for assuming EVERY SINGLE PERSON should have gone on the two new servers to avoid qs, as if that wouldnt have given them a q lol

Well I missed your back track in all the insults I guess because this was the last real post I read and nothing in there says anything about your exceptions.

I counted 6 new servers and my entire guild moved to one of those new ones and I have never had a queue.

Well that’s because you like to paint false narratives. It wasn’t 6 it was 2 servers that were RP and 2 BRAND new servers. And then 2 more later on, but we aren’t arguing how many servers they opened. It’s how many were available at launch

from your link - that is 4 pvp and 2 normal - no RP

Additionally, at August 26, 2019 12:00 PM , we opened the following new realms in this region:

Name Type Timezone
Incendius PvP Eastern
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
Old Blanchy Normal Pacific
Westfall Normal Eastern
And at 3:30 p.m. PDT, we opened:

Name Type Timezone
Kurinnaxx PvP Pacific
Kromcrush PvP Eastern

And now all but 2 of those have ques now? Lol yup I should have rerolled to THOSE instead to avoid the ques what was I thinking.

3 had no queues on holiday monday afternoon and two have queues less than 45 minutes.

Oh sorry did I say 2 guess I should have said 3 lol makes it so much better. What if I rerolled and chose incendious? What would have been your argument then?


Obviously you’re in the wrong here otherwise they wouldn’t have opened up xfers, which they did, because they understand that there is an issue here that isn’t just fixed with telling people to reroll.

Idk why this argument is even still going on when you’re obviously wrong considering the xfers that are being opened up lol

It remains to be seen if I am ‘wrong’. I said it was stupid doing it when this thread was made because I think they should let the population stabilize a bit before they start doing this. However, there is nothing to say they will be doing this this week anyway so in a week or so it might be okay.

However, I see they are tightly restricting the moves as well so that actually might take of any problems. You might get to play with the streamers :wink: .

Streaks through the slap fight

My personal preference of server doesn’t matter. Blizzard went with the best possible solution, and it’s going to do wonders. At the very least it will do way better than the suggestions some children in here suggested like rerolling.