Free Transfers: Arcanite Reaper Welcomes You

EDIT: I’ve spoken to a number of people who are interested in transferring but understandably don’t want to take the risk that few others will follow. This feels like a solvable collective action problem. You probably don’t want to be the only guild that moves, but maybe you’d be down to be the 30th, or the 50th, or whatever.

I’m considering organizing a WHITEMANE -> ARCANITE REAPER CRITICAL MASS PACT, where guilds can sign on and then if we get enough signatures, everyone moves at once. If you or your guild would be interested in an arrangement like that, hit me up and we can talk details.

TL;DR: Transfer for free to Arcanite Reaper! No queues! Low BL and Arcanite prices! We’re an active, friendly community that would welcome new guilds (especially on the Horde side).

Hello friends,

To start, I’ll say that personally I have always preferred high-pop servers – I only joined Arcanite Reaper at first because I have some RL friends playing here.

And there are definitely some downsides – finding low-level dungeon groups can take a little while unless you have guildies, and goblining in the AH can be less profitable because there are fewer auctions posted at any given time.

That said, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at all the upsides:

– No queues, ever. In hindsight, I can’t believe I ever tolerated any queues over 5m, especially as a non-hardcore player who doesn’t have 12hrs/day to devote to the game but who still wants to raid.

– Black Lotus, Arcanite, world boss loot, and all other world-limited resources are orders of magnitude more accessible. Access to affordable BL will become especially useful as AQ and Naxx approach.

– Honor Ranking is significantly easier. I personally don’t have expert knowledge of this facet, but as I understand lower pop numbers make ranks substantially easier to manipulate with whatever fancy tricks people do.

– World PvP is still quite common on medium pop servers. BRM is often contested on raid nights, leveling zones like STV and Hillsbrad Foothills host frequent skirmishes that occasionally escalate, and world boss spawns have 2-4 groups vying for the kill. I’ve found this level of wPvP much more pleasant than full servers, where it can feel impossible to find anywhere to just relax and quest for an hour without getting corpse-camped.

^^This last point is the big reason I’m writing this post, because I think Arcanite Reaper is just a touch below the ideal population for world PvP. Right now we have ~15 active raiding guilds on the Alliance side and only ~7 on the Horde. If I had a genie, I’d wish for 5 more Alliance guilds and 13 more Horde.

A final note on faction balance: Whitemane’s population is so much higher than Arcanite Reaper’s that our current Alliance majority would be instantly corrected if just a few horde guilds got together and agreed to transfer. From that point forward, faction balance will depend much more on the balance of people coming in than on the balance of people currently here.

So make a lvl 1 alt or join us in our blizz forums, at r/ArcaniteReaper, or on our discord (url: Avxuxm) if you have questions about the server. We’d love to have you.

All good things,