Free the Tauren from Baine

It is no secret that the Tauren are a great asset to the Horde and their most loyal standing members. Their leader however is an alliance pawn who even exiled his own people just because they dared to fight back against worthless alliance invaders who where already attacking Mulgore itself. Baine is a disgrace to all the Tauren out there and he needs to disappear from the plot entirley. He is a traitor to the horde and a pawn of Anduin who went as far and chipping his own Horn off to make it clear who controls his strings. Kick Baine out of the horde or kill him. Then replace him with a leader who actually put Tauren and Horde first in his politics. Baine needs to go.


Baine is the reason some tribes havent left the Horde according to his MoP era Novella. It’s unlikely the Tauren Tribes would remain connected to the Horde without the Bloodhoof Leadership, because the Horde generally sorta abuses the Earth Mother on a near constant basis right next to Tauren lands.


At this point Baine is a pathetic joke and bad for the story.

There was a time I said: Perhaps they will learn and use him wisely. Nope. They are making him only worse with time.


He gives him a small chip of his horn as a memento to honor their friendship. Bit weird if you ask me, I’d certainly be uncomfortable if someone gave me a locket of their hair, but maybe that’s just what Tauren do. Idk.

Otherwise his only treachery was to Slyvanas which was a smart call. As she’s a genocidal lunatic who cares for no one but herself.

My only annoyance with that plot point was that it should’ve been a Forsaken doing that, and instead of the Forsaken being cool with the fragrant violation of the only thing they hold sacred, it should’ve been San’Layn on the ship. It’s weird they never come up once in the Horde story.

But that’s not really Baine’s fault. Just thought his place was odd but I guess you needed someone Jania and Thrall would both go to rescue.

Honestly my only problem with him is he is constantly damseled. And Shadow’s Rising is the only time I’ve seen him do anything neat since Cata. He’s just a moral compass that constantly gets his butt kicked. If he’s a traitor to the Alliance then it’s kind of a non-issue as I’ve zero reason to fear the guy.


I know he has been… I guess to put it in a lighter tone… an advocate for balance and peace among the constant faction wars…
Only making it worse by us having to rescue him… like a helpless pup…But…

Who could take his place thought, that might do the Tauren justice without being too much the other way… ? Or do you think SL should harden him as a character development progress in the SL arc? :thinking:

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Magatha Grimtotem, Aponi Brightmane, Stormsong Grimtotem. The list is longer then you think. There are enough Tauren that could replace Baine.


all i read is the horde needs more war criminals


Neither Aponi nor Stormsong are war criminals. Nice bait tho.


No other Tauren ever did this. It’s more than only a bit weird to me. I really don’t like how many characters simply like Anduin.

I can agree with that.

I can’t agree with that.
Edit: I mean they try using him as one sure, but they fail miserably in my view with it.


Anduin is pretty likeable. Seems friendly, good natured, hell he was ultimately a lot nicer to the Forsaken than Slyvanas was. Which is kind of the problem. He can’t really serve as an antagonist to the Horde the way Varian did.

The funniest part of BFA to me was in the Horde opener when you’ve to sneak through Stormwind. And they have Anduin turn up, and the way the moments framed it’s clear I’m supposed to be afraid he’ll detect the Horde commando team.

But, what’s he going to do if he finds us? Give us humane treatment and a fair trial? Do you know how much scarier the prospect of failing Slyvanas is? I saw what happened to Deathweaver.

From the opener I’m more worried about my leader than the Alliance’s. That’s kind of a narrative problem.


yeah they would act just like baine, so I dont see the point to getting rid of him

yeah cause they dont have lore lol


Very hard disagreement. MoP was long ago.

If you say so.

Well that made sense. You were in Stormwind after all. Anduin stroll around? Meh, perhaps less so sure.

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lets be real if baine gave a piece of his horn to thrall or voljin, everyone would be going like “Damn, what good bros.”


Slyvanas executed Forsaken loyal to her for seeing the prospect of living outside her rule. Knowing for a fact that in doing so she’d be damning them all to the Maw.

What’s Anduin done to the Forsaken, exactly? Regret that Slyvanas killed them in Arathi after giving the massacred undead a proper burial? Truly, a great enemy of the Forsaken.


Yes, BFA butchered her character. That stupid book you’re referring too also claimed Sylvanas forced the Forsaken to forget their old lives. And we know that’s not true. Or at least it was never a thing before this book and many Forasken keep things from their old lives and are remembering them. Anything new?

You mean what did he do for them exactly? Apart from being the friend of everyone for ne reason at all.
It’s simply nonsensical and you know it.


He should be the no 1 enemy of anything horde. He’s too good to be a realistic character. This is also alliance bias. And the white savior of the savages trope.


Yeah no argument there BtS was, mostly, a giant middle finger to Forsaken fans. It hastily retcons countless quests where the Forsaken chat about their old lives and how they’re adapting.

Plus the most interesting bit of Windrunner’s character was that she wouldnt hold undead in her thrall. They could leave whenever they wanted. It’s frowned upon, but you only ever hunt down undead who left because they stole stuff from RAS and tried to give it to the Kirin Tor (when they were still presumed to be part of the Alliance in the narrative).

Voss just leaves. Many of the undead in the Argent Dawn straight up tell you they left because they had moral disagreements with what the Banshee Queen was up to.

Until that exact moment there was zero reason Windrunner wouldn’t let some old undead go live in Stormwind if he wanted to try doing that.

So I thought between that and Derek they were building up to some Forsaken resistance subplot but, nah. I guess unrelenting denial is a core tenant of the Forgotten Shadow. She could not have treated the Forsaken worse from BtS onward.


I complete agree with that. As long as those Forsaken didn’t rebel that is, thy were left alone.

There are so many interesting stories we have thanks to the Forsaken.
I think I simply feel disconnected at times.

And your idea about Voos and perhaps Derrek too, makes more sense in my view, than Baine letting act on it, for example.


Voss also would’ve been infinitely better at a stealth, prison break mission. In fact any Horde character would’ve been superior to that sort of operation over Baine, who is a giant bullman with a tree for a weapon.

It’s kind of a miracle he didn’t capsize the tiny boat you approached the prison ship on.


Right bruh, let’s get Dar’khan Drathir for Regent Lord and Zalazane for Chieftain while we’re at it.