Free server transfer for classic era not working

I cloned two characters last night and used the free server transfer service. The estimated time said 26 mins, it has been 12 hours now and the timer says 25 mins still. I haven’t seen anyone else posting on the forums if this was an ongoing issue, or am I just unlucky.

You might want to put in a ticket to have a gm looks, hopefully no mail got sent to the character in question.


And just in case it is taking longer, it is noted here:

While Free Character Migration is in progress

  • You will be unable to cancel the transfer once initiated.
  • You will be unable to log into the character until the transfer has been completed.
  • The estimated time for transfer may be inaccurate and take longer than stated.
  • Once your transfer completes, you will not receive a notification, but you will find your character if you log in to your new realm. If you cannot see your character on the new realm, create a level 1 to refresh your character selection screen.

Is that for your level 60 Dwarf Rogue and 56 Undead Warlock, Botrytis? It looks like the transfers were initiated but it doesn’t look like they were processed yet.

I don’t see anything indicating there is an issue yet. We generally like to give about 24 hours for most of these services. If it takes longer than that, please submit a ticket so our staff can take a look. There isn’t a specific “transfer” category, we use “Purchase Failure” for regular paid character transfers so I think it would be find for using it in this situation.


Yep those are the ones, they’ve been in processing limbo since 8 p.m. central yesterday.

Just to follow-up now that some more time has passed and the team has been able to look into these reports a bit more: