Free Flight and Allied Races Unlocked in 10.1.5!

This will be exciting news for some of you. Im just the friendly messenger here


  • Added 5 new fur colors for Worgen.
  • All restrictions for unlocking Allied Races have been removed, with the exception of a level requirement.
  • All Allied Races can now be unlocked once you have a level 40 character on your account (was level 50).
  • Newly created Allied Race characters will now be directed to Chromie, not the warboard.
  • Characters now learn the appropriate mount riding skill upon reaching the appropriate level without needing to visit a mount trainer:
    • Level 10 - Apprentice Riding
    • Level 20 - Journeyman Riding
    • Level 30 - Expert Riding
    • Level 40 - Master Riding
      • Developers’ note: Riding trainers will still exist in the world, but you will be unable to purchase riding skills from them.
  • Characters that reach level 30 will receive the quest “Time to Fly” and be awarded with a flying mount, Harbor Gryphon for Alliance characters and Scarlet Pterrordax for Horde characters.



so the flying skill will save about 5-6k gold not bad not bad


Man… Gonna have to roll a worgen now… Maybe… Probably…
:wolf: :womans_hat:


Any word on the allied race tabards and mounts?

It might ruin the Void elf heritage outfit without the tabard and mount.


So will they auto-unlock for new players or do they still need to do the questlines once they hit 40?

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For the love of GOD give us gothic Gnomes so we can look like evil chromie!!!


Not sure it’s safe to hype her yet. Something is odd about this dungeon. :thinking:

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Look at her! Her story could be written by Ronald Mcdonald. I wouldnt care.


You still need to do the unlock scenario.
You just dont need to do the story related to them any more such as voldun for vulpera


When does this go live, I want the customisable warlock pets and ability to unlock a few allies I’m missing


i demand a refund for all my characters , as a fomo believer this is not good for the game

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I see. Still not ideal for new players but it’s better than it was before.

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I see…

No seriously just what? :rofl:


Ya know as much of a mess that the game has been, 10.1.5 isn’t lookin too bad.


I’ve been harping on that since vanilla Scholomance :slight_smile:


Would you say it’s a… ?

gets drink ready


Best I can guess is they are referring to the gold spent on ground/flying training on various characters over the years.

Silly? yes, but that’s my best guess

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opinion disregarded

Oh. My. Freaking. Diety!

this devalues the time and effort I put into scrounging my first stash of gold to buy not only my first flight mount, but also the ability to fly!

I richeously demand a refund for all my googleplexian alts that I had to spend gold to get them in the air. I was forced to come up with thousands and thousands of gold, and now its just given away for free??

Slaps!! It is so many slaps to all the faces!!

j/k :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool cool cool. Can we do something about the “level from 1 to 50 to unlock heritage armor” nonsense some races have then?