Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Just leave if you don’t like it! Server transfers are a thing (not that I like or support them), and you can also simply reroll!

Why would or should they restrict players from having agency? If transfers are a thing (which I think they shouldn’t be, to be honest), then allow them universally, to allow for player agency for this #Retail feature.

I’m against any micro transaction or paid services in any games. Especially a game where I pay 15$+ a month for the past several years. This is a problem easily fixed by blizzard which they do not in the name of greed. The player base me included pay way too much money already to not be offered free fixes (merger, transfers, better faction population control).

Im glad for you if you decide to be a sheep and pay them more dollars than you already do, but we already pay to much and should be offered services which we pay for. I canceled my sub and will keep voicing my discontent as I am a customer and I am not supporting these shady sh!tty practices.

I understand your idea of not restricting players from having agency , and I know this is a game. But this is a PVP server also and having a 99% faction imbalance vs a 1% and encouring the imbalance by allowing more alliance to come dumpster on horde doesnt sound like a fair idea for your paying customers.

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lol. This right here is probably the biggest problem with WoW, imo. Stop catering to people who think this!

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Pretty please with sugar on top?

They should send an in game mail to all players showing this can be done. Public service message have you.

I transferred from mankrik to windseeker. Love the server. Love the horde I’ve met there economy is great. Having tons of fun.

Can honestly say the only thing I miss about mankrik is some peeps that stayed there.

Merge Skerum / Incendious - It’s that easy.

Dude, it’s $15. Don’t act like you are putting their children through college.

The subscription fee we pay is extremely low. The only entertainment cheaper is watching paint dry. Someone else’s wet paint though. Paint is expensive.

Daily bump

What about Stalagg? This server has one of the lowest pops, there are hardly any players on ever, other than a couple of peak hours a day. The economy is out the window. Please do something to fix this! or at least lift 90 day transfer bans so people who came back to play with friends, can get out and enjoy the game the way it was intended.

Stalagg is completely dead, with whats left of the guilds transferring off. Please do something about this! Lift 90 transfer bans So people can atleast pay their way out. @blizzard

Can Blaumeux either get free alliance to it, or horde away? I have horde toons I want to xfer or I would love getting more alliance to actually turn the world objectives (at least once a month).

Edit: we’re a 99% horde server at the moment. Only “medium” pop so doubt we’ll get horde away, but PLEASE something.

is recruiting for Locks, Healers, Tanks.
We are on the Myzrael server.

Release the Free Transfers

The point is to trick people over with free xfer so they end up having to pay to leave later.

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Don’t see why people would want to leave Mankrik. It’s a great high pop server.

They should open up transfers for the dead realms so people can leave. Or are they already there and they just aren’t free …

This was resurrected for no reason. They’re not doing free transfers right now.


When is the next wave of FREE transfers - asking for a friend

I did the same but since we’re paying :money_mouth_face: I’m not sure they care.

Free transfers from Grobb to Deviate Delight please.