Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

This isn’t working out, not many horde seemed to have moved from Mankrik. There are still way too many horde here, so why not let whoever wants to move off Mankrik, move if they want too?


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Offer free transfers to Kirtonos Alliance side please. It is so unbalanced right now, it is hard to even do group quests in this realm because of the low Alliance players

here’s an idea free draenei/belf boosts since the world is dead can’t find groups for nothing help with quests eh? good job making them level all the way up while letting everyone else boost. ya it’s off topic but idc really. you guys sure know how to destroy something thats for sure.

When are you going to open paid PVE > PVP transfers? Like they were back in the day?

Is there any chance to see how many people transferred from Faerlina to Incendius?

Maybe Incendius and Kirtonos should be merged. Right now we have 99.5% Horde players. A /who 60-70 right now shows 10 people for the Alliance :frowning_face:

Please look at dead realms like Felstriker…i went from 60-70 and was able to get a 5 man group TWICE…once for ramparts…once for ring of blood…thats it

There are frequently sub 50 people online…

They want you to buy a server transfer, sorry.

Why give you something that would make you happy as a customer when they could charge you money to be happy as a customer?

The people who fail to make this connection in reference with blizzards decisions are referred to as retail players.

They will have 1 less customer in 20days if they dont fix population related issues

They’ve calculated your loss of subscription as less of a hit than making players happy without charging them for basic things like an even playerbase in a faction based game.

In other words, they know losing players like you and I, while charging retail players cash shop services, is the most profitable way for them to do business.

The retail guy stays subscribed through terrible retail expansions on top of mercilessly buying cash shop services and items. They’re blizzards catered to customer.

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If you could stop playing FF and help us out here that would be great.

Incase you didn’t know … OUR game is on fire. thanks.

Blizzard hasn’t learned anything about incentivizing change in over six months. These free faction transfers are like, “Hey, want to go to a dead faction on this imbalanced server? No? Okay.”

Can we get free transfers for alliance off Netherwind and free horde transfers from a overpopulated horde server to Netherwind.

Our server is way out of balance and has been for 6-7 months

Earthfury Please

Thats cute of fluffy for you to say but horde side Incendius is fkn dying, its considered a 100% alliance server so in the name of fixing imbalance why are they allowing alliance to xfer here. Its gonna makes things worse.

Yep 100% right i dont get it either wtf are they thinking

Just leave if you don’t like it! Server transfers are a thing (not that I like or support them), and you can also simply reroll!

Why would or should they restrict players from having agency? If transfers are a thing (which I think they shouldn’t be, to be honest), then allow them universally, to allow for player agency for this #Retail feature.

I’m against any micro transaction or paid services in any games. Especially a game where I pay 15$+ a month for the past several years. This is a problem easily fixed by blizzard which they do not in the name of greed. The player base me included pay way too much money already to not be offered free fixes (merger, transfers, better faction population control).

Im glad for you if you decide to be a sheep and pay them more dollars than you already do, but we already pay to much and should be offered services which we pay for. I canceled my sub and will keep voicing my discontent as I am a customer and I am not supporting these shady sh!tty practices.

I understand your idea of not restricting players from having agency , and I know this is a game. But this is a PVP server also and having a 99% faction imbalance vs a 1% and encouring the imbalance by allowing more alliance to come dumpster on horde doesnt sound like a fair idea for your paying customers.

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lol. This right here is probably the biggest problem with WoW, imo. Stop catering to people who think this!

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