Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms

Same for me on kromcrush

the character xfers are live now

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OPEN FOR ME ON KROMCRUSH! yay!!! :slight_smile:

So Long Kromcrush

I keep getting “select a different realm.” Are some servers blocked already? Coming from PvP server.

It looks like the problem is fixed as of about 6 minutes ago (12:36 p.m. PST).

Thank you for your patience!


Trying to transfer a toon from Rattlegore to Earthfury as the list says is allowed, but it’s not showing earthfury as an option

Cant transfer from Thalnos to Faerlina.


you guys are trolling if you think people are coming to bigglesworth and not letting who actually plays go somewhere more fun, you know what we have? whoever isnt raid logged is some indo farmer, there isnt anything to do outside of raid day. and thats if you raid xD

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Is there any word on adding more servers to this? “Medium” pop servers are getting screwed by this

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Kaivax, if you see this, for Classic Era, you need more than one free destination realm of Whitemane for PvP servers (for those with Alliance and Horde toons).

Please and thank you!!

Same issue here. Can’t go from Thalnos to Whitemane either.

Allowing people to move to mega servers only was by design. Excluding medium population servers accomplishes several important goals: kills hope for medium servers to have any sort of influx of population, consolidates servers so that blizzard can run 1 dev instead of 2, ensures that unilateral ‘medium’ population servers stay one sided (there by forcing the smaller faction to transfer off or to quit), and inevitably force people off of medium population servers.

All of this is to set up a cascade to squeeze more revenue from transfers out of medium population servers whilst consolidating realms and saving money. After more transfer, they will continue this process until players have paid to consolidate themselves onto realms, netting blizzard a huge profit and decreased costs in the way of fewer realms.


Can’t go Incendius to Earthfury.

*Insert Fart Noise Here

Yet another inefficient and illogical bandage to server health… Come on Blizzard, shuffling around players won’t help a thing. Your player base is DYING for people to play the game with, so why don’t you put us all together FFS. As a Bigglesworth original I warn everybody to NOT transfer to us because we have no heartbeat- pug raids take hours to fill, you won’t find a dungeon group to level an alt, even arena partners are scarce… Week after week the burnout gets worse, I’ll be unsubbing before P3 even gets announced at this rate. This eligibility list is ridiculous.


Yea I literally just warned people not to transfer to Bigglesworth, lmao. What a joke this list is.

How long will the free transfers be available? Do we know?

ikr we really got screwed didnt we

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Why is the transfer service prompting me for a payment after I select my toons to transfer? Am I missing something or do I need to do it somewhere else?