Free Character Tranfers?

I’m not the one that is filling the board with duplicate threads about the same thing.

Its pretty simple to me. I and 2 friends have been unable to play during the time of day we aren’t working from the very beginning. When we made characters we had no idea the pop caps would be so low as to make almost every single server today FULL at all but early a.m. hours. If I can’t play, why should I pay?

OP is absolutely correct.

Our entire 150+ guild would gleefully leave Herod if they opened free transfers. We planned and contacted old friends for months. We debated our server choice for weeks between the miserly offering of a mere THREE PVP servers on EST, one of which is full of toxic streamers.

Please let us free transfer off this server and do your long time loyal fans, and your servers, a BIG favor.


Regardless of what server you’re on, a que time hinders the experience of being able to play such a great game. Blizzard I beg of you, please raid the servers together or whatever technology you guys have to remove the que times until you guys have a better solution on server control. Going to a different server might work for no que/short que but the longevity of a small server isn’t sustainable. We don’t know if people will be playing 6 months from now because a good portion of the player base isn’t going to make it into raiding regardless. We’ll be running into a ghost server issue if people move to a server that dies in terms of player count in a couple of months . But on the high pop servers raiding, community, economy etc will be sustainable throughout classics lifespan so it’s incredibly imparitive that you guys are able to show “We understand what needs to be done” mentality instead of “We know whats best”. We all understand that the “Big” servers hurt the “Small” servers, but you can easily link the small servers together for economy/raiding/community. The die hard fans love and live this game, why not give us the courtesy of being able to play with the friends and family members we want to without having to wait 2 hours getting home from work.

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I’m in complete shock that Blizzard has not offered free transfers off high population servers as of yet. After screwing the pooch by going live with a tiny fraction of the servers needed, they finally seem to have enough servers and layers, but it was so late in the game that people don’t want to start over or most likely, they have friends they’re playing with and there’s no way you can convince that many people to start over. We have a few people in our guild that cannot get home from work until after 6PM EDT and they have been stuck in queues for 5 to 7 hours each night waiting to play. They can’t leave because all their real life friends are playing on that server.

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Dear Drain,

Stop acting like an immature middle school kid, thanks.

Free transfers don’t work.
OP will you move off of Herod ? Will anyone in this thread saying that they should open Free Transfers ? or will you stay to play with your friends and expect others to move off ‘your’ server ?
This is what happens every time Blizzard has offered free transfers to help with queues.

Blizzard, Please give us at least 1 free character transfers.

My guild of friends i know irl decided on a full server. i was in the minority of people saying lets not. this server has atleast 8 of my friends canceling their subscription due to the que times. to me its not that big a deal and i can wait but others dont expect to be paying a monthly fee to sit in que to wait.
This is not healthy for your player base-- I dont blame blizzard for this, i dont blame wow. But please these server transfers are needed. it would be a great service to your fans and supporters. we support blizzard by paying monthly for this. please blizzard.

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