Free Character Tranfers?


I know that you are fully aware of the queue issue where people are waiting 5+ hours to the play the game. The solution to roll to a new low population server can be quite complicated for some players because they are playing with friends or entire guilds. In my scenario I have an entire guild 50+ people that I am playing with and started my Classic character with. We leveled together and are almost level 20. The issue here is that we now have players that cannot play with us and have been waiting in queue for 3-5 hours.

I firmly believe that if you open up character transfers for these classic WoW characters - people would go to lower population servers as they would be able to transfer with their friends or entire guilds.

This is quite a complex situation indeed and there has not been any sort of communication from Blizzard on what is going to be done about this. Will people get refunds for their time or sub time added to their accounts?


They’re increasing the login cap.


Awesome news

Is this information released? I cannot seem to find it :/. Do we know what the login cap will be?

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When is this taking effect?

I still think character transfers may be needed. Everyone I know is still in a 3+ hour queue. Will they need to relog for this to take effect?


Made a post on this as well, so did a lot of people, sending my support

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It doesn’t seem that the post is clear on that. I’d say, wait and see…

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I agree. My group of 7 friends and I spread across the country purposefully selected a server ASAP so we could play together. Only 5 of us have been able to login so far and only 2 of those people have made it past level 10.
The 2 guys who couldn’t login have made toons on a different server and have been able to play. It sucks that we can’t all be in a group together and if my other friends get too far ahead of the rest then they will not want to reroll a character they have vested so much time in and I would understand that. Realm transfers need to be highly considered because people are getting pissed quick.


Them releasing new servers and increasing capacity are all signs of them not wanting to enable transfers. They will try to do everything else before they will do this. Imo I can only see this happening on servers like Faerlina and Herod but not any time soon.

The issue with Character transfers obviously are the names. A lot of people will need to change their names when transferring to a server.

There is also a major fear of transfering to a low pop server and then 3 months from now it being completely dead. What then - pay 25+ bucks to transfer back?

As I mentioned - it is actually a very complex situation. I truly feel like Bliz underestimates WoW Classic. I also think that potentially some people at blizzard did not want classic to do well… I mean it makes sense - right? Why invest millions into developing a dead retail game when you have legit 2-5Mil trying to play classic like the old days…

IDk. by the time the servers level out and everyone can log in right away, then most of your guild would be high enough level to help those with queues to level up faster and catch up.

Free server transfers would likely create situations where server A is full, and server B half full. If too many from A go to B, then the problem wouldn’t be fixed, only shifted. In fact it could result in half your guild one server and the other half on another.

not good enough, herod has a 14k que at 2 in the afternoon

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I don’t feel bad for people on Herod because Herod was SPECIFICALLY mentioned when they were talking about queue times. I was originally on Herod with my 3 names but switched when I heard how bad the queue time would be. I ended up losing my names, but I’m on a server with slightly less queue time. You should have listened when they said not to go Herod.

I’m not saying that queue times aren’t bad on other servers, but they’re worse on the fearlina(or whatever its called) and Herod. If you stayed on those two even after Blizzard warned you, thats on you.


Keep bumping transfer threads until they answer us

We don’t know that it’s in effect yet.

If they would just come out and announce character transfers will be available then a lot of this mess would clear itself up.


Gonna bump this again -

We have no idea if the hot fixes were applied - there is no communication from Blizzard on this.

Please make character transfers available to us. I do not want to level to 20+ again. How is this such a mess?

I have seen my queue on Stalaag (The Server Blizzard specficially stated Herod over flow should go) go down by 2000, then another 2000 - I am on 570 in queue Less than 7 minutes - and have been sitting here for over 2.5 hours. No one is logging off and I think Blizzard is purposefully kicking people to rotate others in.

Dear duplicate thread,

Drain you really are toxic arent you - continue leveling up your lock man - at least you are in game…maybe