Free Character Moves Started Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. PDT

Bfa realms are all interconected throug sharding and whatnot. No need to do that.

For me, I’m not that confident that Classic will last with the current user base. Esp when a new retail patch is released. Slower levelers will get left behind, it’ll get harder to find groups, and they’ll get frustrated and leave.

But, I hope you’re right in that there will be that many people running around playing.

Just because you see people doesn’t mean you can be in a guild, trade, have commerce, etc with them. You still have alot of things limited by your population on the server…

Layers increase the number of people who can login and play in a playable world.

With layers, zones aren’t too overcrowded for questing and the realm doesn’t lag/crash from having too many players together in the same areas.

If they removed all layering right now, they would also have to lower the player cap in order to maintain a playable world.

Windseeker seems to have a healthy spanish speaking community if anyone is interested. Personally, no habla espanol, so I’d be thrilled to get a ticket off of this realm but this is my reward for being a good girl and moving when I was asked I guess.


All of the free character moves listed above are now available.


Layering is about how many people you can see, but it has also allowed blizzard to increase the concurrent players on each server above what will be possible on a phase 2, layerless server.

Layering doesn’t cause less queues, the concurrent players allowed into the server do, and blizzard increased that substantially a couple days into the launch to remove queues as much as possible so that people could play.

What they’re probably about to do is reduce the amount of concurrent players allowed on a server at once and servers that have no queue today might have a few thousand in a couple days.

This is just my take on the whole situation. Blizzard have been very communicative and yet still very confusing about the entire situation.


I’d say the majority of what is causing confusion, is all the people posting, actually don’t know what they’re talking about.
There’s a lot of misinformation and incorrect ideas about layering and it’s purpose.

What might help is if Blizz posted information at the login screen telling everyone that queues will increase as layers are dropped.

A lot of people don’t read the forums, and some that do, don’t read into the information that Blizz has offered.


So? Again, what is the downside?

Pretty sure all they need to look at are the two servers and their population ratio.

Why do you feel I was suggesting they “silently” end them? My point is that it is dumb to put an end date this far out. The “end date” should be given AFTER the populations equalize.

I really feel you should add an option for people to move from RP and RPPVP servers to PVE and PVP servers. This has been discussed at length in the past. A LOT of non RP players overflowed onto the RP/RPPVP realms when they were the only non-full ones. Those people should be given a way off.


Everyone complained trying to get free transfers and now they’re still complaining because they don’t like the destination realm lmao

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Even better, some of the people are still asking for entirely new realms so they dont have to transfer to low pop ones that would then not be low pop if people transferred.


So many people don’t seem to understand how layering works still. Think about a server as a binder full of pages with each page representing a layer. As you write names down on the layer, the page becomes more and more saturated until, finally, it’s just too crowded to add any more names. So you start writing on a new page (layer).

The binder itself is the server and all pages (layers) reside within the same binder. So, regardless of how many pages are in the binder, everyone opens it the same way to access said pages. Now imagine if all of the writing on all of the pages were to be combined on the same page. It would be illegible. Thus the need to start removing some of the pages from the free transfer binders.

In short, layers have nothing to do with server capacity, they’re just a tool to keep zone over-crowding from being an issue. I’m not sure why people still don’t understand this concept, it’s been explained multiple times over on these forums and a quick google search would do wonders. Instead of just insisting that you’re right without understanding what you’re talking about.

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Then they really need to not make those realms. While some are overpopulated, they’ve made too many realms I fear.

Is dynamic respawn a thing? I noticed respawn rates in Red Ridge last night were so high I couldn’t full clear a camp without mobs spawning. on Pservers (which I know aren’t vanillia) I liked having to walk around to different areas of the zones to find different camps but without the need to I feel like I didn’t experience the zone as I usually would have.

This. Please?

I play on Westfall and the only time I have had a queue is during the DDOS attacks.

I am okay with people leaving though because we wouldn’t miss a thousand or so.

No, they don’t. Not mankrik. There has not been any significant queue in weeks. Like I said earlier, its usually medium when I log on.

They are offering free transfers to Windseeker that probably means that server is the low pop one you are looking for.

I log in on Westfall when it is high and I still don’t have a queue.