Free Character Moves Now Available in This Region


Would be nice if you gave the option to just delete the mail, I’d honestly transfer right now.


Only Herod / Skeram are currently offering the character migration. I checked queues 10min ago for Faerlina & Herod like I always do nightly, and as soon as I tried getting into Herod I saw the option for character migration, or change realm.


Thanks this was the solution. they have the shop button at logins creena


yeah sorry. I am on Skeram. Apparently the shop button does this if you dont ahve a queue.


Look, do you guys not have phones? This makes perfect sense…DOT DOT DOT

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Update 8:30 p.m. PDT
We are working to open the rest of the free character moves that we listed here. We currently plan to open all of the rest at 5:00 p.m. PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT) tomorrow (Thursday, September 5). Thank you for your patience!

New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open - September 4

Thank you for the update!


And there goes Netherwind, about to get hammered by the influx of people 20-30 levels higher than the people currently on the server. Yay, thanks for penalizing those of us who heeded your warnings of long queues on other servers.


Servers take resource, time and money. Not commiting to more than necessary was a smart move. Something like 20% of the population has stopped playing already.


Since every new server will be ruined by character transfers, if you’re a legitimate new player you might as well start on the new servers opening today and tomorrow. At least there will be a better chance of other players starting with you and to level up with.


You appear to be level 34…


I agree. They need to take Netherwind off the list. We don’t need higher level characters and economic exploiters. The server will likely be trash after transfers. Might as well roll PvE… since our server isn’t ready for 60’s yet…


heartseeker bout to be poppin off


is it only availible for these realms? Or will it be like Retail where you can move to any lower pop server.


Blizz kind of screwed that up, they should have locked it to server transfers only, no new character creations once you get there until the lock period is over.

However, it worked out well for me, I got pretty much all the names I wanted. So depending on how the pop of it turns out it might be my next server.


You would think that you would at least let us choose what servers to go to.


Isn’t that what happened last week? Players going to whichever server?


Layering exploits + transfers to a server that started a week late is quite a bit too much for me, likely going to drop out until they get classic off the ground and hopefully put new servers without transfers out. Rolled on Netherwind to escape queue times on Incendarius, now I’m going to be around 9 days behind as opposed to being relatively established on multiple characters.


The forums doesn’t update very well. I’m currently 45 and have enjoyed having a permanent sprint (mount) for 5 levels.


For real man, this is almost as bad as the layering exploit.