Free Character Moves Now Available in This Region

I expect they will send people from additional realms to Earthfury.

nobody is going to move from a high and even over populated realm to a realm with literally no population on it. This would have been a viable solution a week ago when we had queues over 10k always. You launched your game with too few servers, and the only real option at this point is to open up realm transfers to any realm … just like in vanilla. Do you really believe people with lvl 30 - 60 toons will drop their high pop realm for a brand new one to avoid a 1.5 hour queue???


Sadly our guild did this. Pulled the trigger and went to Earthfury. Population is EVERYTHING in vanilla. Hopefully blizzard combines these servers or allows transfers to another server soon.

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i wouldnt bank on a switch off the brand new server “soon” - how bad is it atm?

probably nothing but empty man

All free character moves are now available:

Arugal Felstriker
Faerlina Heartseeker
Stalagg Heartseeker
Herod Earthfury
Skeram Earthfury
Incendius Netherwind
Thalnos Netherwind
Fairbanks Arcanite Reaper
Whitemane Arcanite Reaper
Bigglesworth Anathema
Pagle Windseeker
Grobbulus Deviate Delight

Not sure if anyone else ran into this, but I somehow initiated a character transfer off of Stalagg when the destination server was still offline. Nothing happened after I hit submit, but now it says “an error has occurred” if I try to do it again.


My buddy has not been able to get to the screen itself. No Store option in the character select screen and the option during que just takes him to a loading screen. Blizz support told him to “keep trying” so he is pretty frustrated at this point. If they close down transfers before he gets this figured out then a ton of us will be split between realms.

Is there any compensation for those of us that re-subscribed early to reserve names and now are unable to keep them due to the lack of servers to begin with?

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Thanks for sending high levels over to Netherwind, their extra leveling time really cheapens all our efforts to build a server!


Ouch, 6 hours ? No play tonight :frowning:

Mine actually just went through - it took only 10 minutes or so

I didn’t see the option pop up for me, so I had to go to the Character screen, Shop, and do the free realm transfer initiation from there.

Thank you!

You probably need to wait for the transfer to go through.

The transfers aren’t instantaneous.

New servers always use to have a grace period before transfers were allowed

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Yeah, this is the new Blizzard that doesn’t worry about stomping on a quiet few in order to placate the loud ones.


we in there we in there we in there heartseeker going to be lit such a god tier name

you have 1650 posts and more than 5 posts in this thread. you are the loud one


Yep, I don’t mind speaking up but there are a lot of people on these new servers that aren’t on the forums and who will be seriously affected by these changes.