Free Character Moves for this Region - October 17

Problem 1: Queues. Players who must wait, to play the game

Problem 2: Layering. Want to get all realms down to 1 layer

Problem 3: Word PvP balance (at 60? at al levels?)

Blizzard is doing these problems in this order. To them, there’s no point attacking problem 3 now, if their problem 1 “fix” changes the details of problem 3 significantly (forum players say it has).

Blizzard’s “attempted fix” to Problem 1 is free realm transfers. Since they just announced a new set of those October 17, it is clear that Blizzard is still working on Problem 1 at this time.

They will address 2 and 3 when the realm transfers are over.

It’s nowhere near that bad, it’s probably to the tune of about 60/40 or 55/45. I see plenty of Horde. They often outnumber Alliance in Winterspring for some reason, last night there were about a dozen horde in Everlook and two Alliance.

On my alts while leveling I see what I’d consider Horde domination in STV, often seeing Horde with complete control of the Nesingwary camp and attacking every Alliance on sight. The population is Alliance heavy but it is not that bad. It’s certainly not unplayable for the Horde by any stretch of the imagination.

If you’re referring to HS, check out this post or the HS discord.

We’re around 70:30 A:H total and 80:20 A:H above 50.

There are multiple people taking the census and have found very similar results to those below:

Friday, 18/10 @ 23:10

Saturday, 19/10 @ 00:10

Saturday, 19/10 @ 00:00

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This has a very small delta from reports I’ve seen from others as well. I’ve run the census at peak and off hours a few times now and haven’t seen any statistically significant change in these numbers.

Thus, you may see a very infrequent Horde bias in specific locations; however, you will see very frequent Ally bias in most locations.

In the 1.5 months I’ve played on HS, I’ve never seen more than 2-3 Horde in T. Point, while I always see 10-15+ Ally. Same with Lights Hope. Same with every neutral town from my experience. I don’t know anybody that even uses the T. Point FP, it’s a waste because that’s an Ally town. My healer corpse walked 12 times to get to BRM the other day.

The average encounter you’ll experience here is 7 Alliance on 3 Horde (or 8 Ally on 2 Horde once above lvl50), with a relative order of magnitude.


If you have eyes the difference is pretty obvious, anyone saying 60/40 is either completely clueless or trolling. HS is a joke manufactured by Blizz

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id like to fix that joke by joining it as a horde


Hurrah bud, we need more.

Check out Mutiny’s god like PvP vids. They gloriously charge with around 15-20 outside of raid portals where 1-2 Ally raid groups are hanging and slaughter them all. Goblin Sapper charge, massive AoE, insane coordination. It’s epic.

I was in heartseeker for around a week but I got my transfer reversed since my friend got stuck on Kirtonos, they gave no warning they were going to close the transfers. It was really fun for me, constant alliance i just ganked all day. I really want to go back, but this time bring my friend too since we only playing so we can rank together and phase 2 and stuff.

Too bad blizzard wont let me :slight_smile:


I feel for you all on skewed pvp realms and don’t mean to derail your thread direction but we have a growing issue on our RP realm, crowding. We ran an event this weekend, running of the gnomes. While RP servers do similar constantly, it literally brought zones to their knees, was like start zones at launch. The server has layering and I won’t go into numbers but we see 10’s of thousands peak hours and more on weekends. Just like to see if Blizzard has plans to address this load issue esp before layering is removed. I cannot fathom the chaos if nothing is done. Many have suggested adding a West Coast RP-PVE and transfers to lighten the burden…Blizz, your take on this?

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and literally kill herod pvp , horde just shot themselves in the foot

Players in the majority faction are going to be waiting for BG queues to pop, wondering if they’ll ever get into enough BGs to rack up honor for this week’s honor standing. Meanwhile, the minority faction will get insta-queues and rack up tons of honor/hour, if they can win (pre-mades, people). lol

Thanks but we need FACTION specific transfers to help balance realm factions. Some realms are disgustingly one sided.


Does anyone even play Earthfury? It is always low/medium even on the weekends.

Depressing Blizz isn’t targeting specific factions to transfer. I’m afraid if EF gets populated, it will turn into another Heartseeker and won’t be balanced.


BGs are cross realm, total population is 55:45 H:A. Assuming full population, only 10% of the horde players would have a queue.

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True but I’m guessing that it won’t be random cross-realm BGs like in retail but within battle groups that were in vanilla 1.12 patch. Estimate 5-6 battle groups.

Battle groups didn’t even out faction comp back in vanilla and there aren’t any guarantees that if implemented in Classic battle groups would maintain your assumed 55/45 split.

I concur entirely.

However, regardless of the overall ratio determining the specific ratio by battlegroup isn’t currently possible.

Depending on how they are implemented, it may attempt to provide some balance - which would mitigate massive queues for both factions.

Or, servers will be clustered by other metrics irrespective of the ratio on the servers within the xrbg, which means we could see variation of queue based on group.

If Heartseeker, Faerlina, Grobb, and Bloodsail Buc’s are in a battlegroup then the ratio may have Ally in a large majority.

If Stal, Skeram, and Herod are in a battlegroup then the ratio may have Horde in a large majority.

My point is, there’s no way to know. The overall ratio between servers is relatively balanced based upon the only available data and server forum discussions. If there is an attempt to balance xrbg’s, then the player pool should facilitate it. If there isn’t any attempt to do so, it’s anybody’s guess what faction ratios by battlegroup will be.

That said, BGs aren’t even a concern for character migration. They will be reliant on overall ratio and how Blizzard configures xrbg’s. The principal concern is server ratio, which won’t relate to BG queues.

Ok champs, this might be the longest free transfers have been up. People aren’t moving at this point without a better reason or motivation.

Ease up on the restrictions or allow paid at this point. Give us the freedom to help you move the needle.



Weird, why is this thread not pinned on the main page anymore?


They could open a transfer from Thunderfury to Brazilian realm too.

come to Arcanite Reaper. It was completely dead about month ago. But I took a few weeks off and came back and it is better. But we need more!

come to Arcanite Reaper and join Warpath!