Free Character Moves Coming Soon

ty blues! :smiley:

As it should be. If Akiel, for instance, already exists on Herod, and someone transfers into Herod with the name Akiel, you would want your character to keep its priority, right?

Duplicate names are given the chance to change the name before they log into the new realm for the first time. And all those new names are checked against what’s already in use/reserved on the destination realm.


A necessary change. My game friends are scattered across 4 different full realms, this just might bring them all together. We shall see.

Either way, I’m glad it’s happening.


Thank you!

Is this for EU realms as well?

Edit: I have just seen the post in the EU too.


das it mane

das it

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@Akiel That’s how it’s been on Live since they implemented character transfers, but Blizzard has shown willingness to spin up new servers to facilitate Classic launch, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they created ‘sister servers’ for the massively overpopulated servers like Herod or Faerlina that essentially serve as splitting the realm in half.

Hopefully they announce which server will be moved to so people can create a lvl 1 to hold their name.

My prayers have been answered. Thank the dev team! :wink:

So don’t transfer. Easy.

That has to be the case. Could you imagine if everyone from Stalagg went to herod lol


Nice! Good job!

Were there free server transfer back in Vanilla? Otherwise #Nochanges

Will I be allowed to transfer to a server where there is a long queue time?


In the past they have only allowed high to move to low.


Transfers existed in 2006.


Seems like it might not even be an issue anymore. We’ll find out prime time but queues seem to be going way down. Either way, this is welcome and should finally smoothen everything out.

Typically they do. They also tend to open more servers during these times if required. So they might say allow transfers from three different PVP realms - over to one new PVP realm.

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Yes, i ended up transferring off a ghost town server, and I’m almost certain this was during vanilla.

I like this idea, but I doubt it would create enough transfers to be viable. So many people have stuck with the overpopulated realms out of fear of a dead server later, I can only imagine the apprehension about a realm that doesn’t have character creation. Even for a limited time like you suggest, I doubt people would go for it.