Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

I’m trying to transfer to fairbanks, which is not listed in the OP but getting an error message. Does anyone know why?

Yes, there is.
When the layers go away, then you have to crap 50 pounds of crap into a 10 pound bag.
Premaking login queues is not a good thing.

If they are really your friends, then they should really really want to go with you to a realm without pop problems because they really really like you.

Or, you may need to reevaluate that friendship

It’s Locked

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As i read through all of these really pissed posts at 3 am. your’s was the one that made me laugh my head off. The funniest part about it is that two hours ago i specifically made characters on the lowest pop servers regardless of location to check the AH’s and the Iron Forge ambiance. All i could think about at the same time was…i just need to get the f#@% off of Earthfury now that we have cues and all the horde from Incendius arrived and destroyed it. So ill save you some time…think about Windseeker and Askhiandi…or whatthehell ever that server is. I noticed though that they are opening up free transfers now trying to load them up too.

They obviously have a guild that would be tough for them to leave behind. Also if it is just layered server to layered server then both servers are in a very similar situation. Someone going from one to another really wouldn’t have an impact.

someone going means someone else will want to go
you cant play favorites, all can go or none can go.
I am sure you can imagine what happens if all can go.

Layers have to go away at some near future point, then what?

Please open free transfers for all currently layered servers. This will allow those who want to avoid layers do so, while also lowering population on these servers. It will also benefit those who switched from mega servers, only to land on newly created mega servers.


Honestly…isn’t adding layering and locking the Servers kinda redundant? It’s a bit shifty. Maybe “layering” isn’t the “fix” you’re advertising it to be. :thinking: :joy:

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You know what the saddest part of this whole thing is… my son joined world of Warcraft a week before they locked the server(NON OF WHICH WAS COMMUNICATED VIA EMAIL TO PLAYERS ACCOUNTS ONLY THROUGH THE FORUMS, WHICH I HAVE NO REASON TO CHECK). Unannounced to me I figured I would surprise him and join him on his server which I had a current lvl 60 on the opposite faction.

So I transferred off my lvl 60 on the realm to join him and went go create a character and its locked(ONCE AGAIN NO WARNING FROM BLIZZARD), I am 5 days into a new sub. I have zero desire to play this game without being able to play with my Son, I relived my late teens leveling to 60 back at launch. I reached out via ticket and they told me there is nothing they can do and have zero influence over in game.

Here is blizzard response:

"When a server is locked, you won’t be able to create characters unless you already have characters on that realm.
- If you delete all your characters, you won’t be able to create any new ones.
– That means, at the moment, it isn’t possible to switch factions on a PvP realm.

This restriction is based on your individual WoW account, not your account.
- If you have characters on a locked server on WoW1, and start a new WoW account, you won’t be able to create characters on that server on the new account.

If a server is locked, you -cannot- transfer any characters to that server - not even if you already have characters on the server. All transfers to it are blocked.
- You’ll receive a generic error if you try.
- Customer Service cannot bypass this restriction - again, not even if you already have characters on the server.
– If you’re trying to transfer to a locked server, you’ll need to wait until the lock is lifted, or choose a different server.

I don’t mind if your going to lock a realm to character transfers but to lock it to new character creation boggles my mind, You’ve already added layering.

I have supported this product for 15+ years. I wanted to simply enjoy the game with my family and new friends I would make along the way - I get told NO by blizzard customer support. Even tho I had an existing character on the realm but of a different faction.

This is pathetic and frankly really sad. I don’t mind server ques but once you add layering block transfers and allow character creation.

I don’t expect my son to start all over again on a different realm away from his friends just so we can play together.

I wish there was a solution other then “We can’t”.

Until then Blizzard I will be asking for a refund of my money.

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Layering is not there to forever end all population woes
Transferring in an existing toon, or creating a brand new one equates to the same, one more added body, which adds to the problem rather than solving it.

You were on a PVP realm, unfortunately when you delete your toon on those, you delete your entire existence if that is your only toon there.

Do you mind 7 hour queues?

To little to late.

Incendius went from a nice balanced 54/46 split with 7k or so pop to 11.5k with 4 hour queues. Many of us left incendius and now it is 8.6k pop (give or take) with 72.5% alliance!

Stop saying this is a problem created by players. This is a problem created by Blizzard not paying any attention to server populations and faction balance and allowing character creations/transfers in a free-for-all fashion. Anything for a buck right Blizzard?
Your lack of oversight regarding server populations is unforgivable.

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I did not mind 7 hour ques my friend, I did not. Never complained about em, Was part of the game back in the day.

I think that a good number of the people trying to play would not agree.

Busy realms could have queues when vanilla was retail, especially on a content release day, but they were not queues up to 8 hours that ran day after day after day with no end.

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I find myself in the same situation. Complete garage from Blizzard. At least allow free transferring off any server listed “locked”. So far they have only allowed free from a few servers.

Netherwind is about to explode please stop the transfers from Incendius.

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Why aren’t you allowing free transfers TO servers that are clearly unbalanced? Incendius has dropped on population enough. You’re still allowing alliance to leave Incendius but you’re not fixing the actual issue, the amount of horde on the server.

Im sure Skeram and Stalagg alliance would love free transfers to their faction as well. I’m starting to think you do this on purpose so people have to pay for transfers off their broken servers due to your carelessness.


they won’t look at what happen to Earthfury.

This is one of the direct causes of why Blizzard is now a terrible company. The way this shi* show is being handled benefits only the pocket of blizzard and that is all they want. Let’s break servers one after one and force everyone to use their money when the cash inflow is at its lowest because screw your customers right?


earthfury is America
incedious is Mexico
blizzard is democrats



Really wish we could get this going from the realms that are considered “locked”. It kind of sucks if any friends want to play now since my server is now locked and I still had to wait through the horrendous queue times before it was.

If people really want to go to these high pop realms why not let me transfer out would rather not be on one.

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