Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

When have they done faction restrictions?

This isn’t a fix at all. It’s an insult. It is not going to do the slightest thing, as NOBODY is gonna leave.

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No, because they’ve crunched the numbers and figured out it makes them more money to throw a handful of free transfers out to try to avoid cancelled subs than hope people will pay to transfer.

meanwhile, you can inexplicably still pay to transfer to these full, heavily queued realms.

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free transfers were faction locked for some realms back around the second wave of free xfers.

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They put a timestamp of free transfers until “Full” yet still allow paid transfers to “Full” servers

In other words, yeah we’ll let you go where you think the grass is greener, but once you realize you’re on a dead server and want to come back, you can! It’s just $25.


Kaivaxx, Is there a gold limit guild bank alts/players can move or is that waived with the free transfers? I know paid transfers have limits but I am not sure if this restriction will be waived.

Well they don’t care.

They didn’t put any controls or restrictions. They’re not watching populations. If anything they want to cause more problems further down the road as it drives actual paid transfers, Classics only post-subscription microtransaction.

They hate servers acting as communities, it does nothing but cause their .15cent network engineers problems.

I was posting that for other users, but since we’re PVE, it’s not a big deal.

you ninja edited that before i had a chance to read it. -.-

Way to destroy Netherwind economy guys. Black Lotus just skyrocketed to 200g per. To anyone who is considering transferring to Netherwind will be black listed. If they had issue with server Q’s, why not just open a new server for them to transfer to to end the wait Q’s.

It’s stuff like this that has caused full erosion of Blizzard credibility. It’s small stuff that has happened over the year’s that has caused the player base to lose faith in the ability of Blizzard to make informed decisions.

A very small part of the population is going to transfer off to a smaller server. The player’s who are smart and know that a small server is not in the best interest of their guilds will not leave.

This should all be common sense to Blizzard. Blizzard rarely reaches out to the community to provide options on what can be done. If they had simply put layers into place temporarily again (while this pandemic is in place) and increased server capacity on the impacted realms… very few people would have complained.

It is what it is at this point. Players will have to find ways to keep their characters online so that they can raid on raid nights. The queue will be an annoyance in the short term.

It’s decisions like these why many of the pserver players did not want to come to Classic servers. At least the pserver mods listened to their player base and made informed decisions versus half - you know what “fixes”.


Smolderweb alliance is currently outnumbered but we’ve been putting the hurt on horde in BRM lately, ambushing them before their raids. If you transfer here, be prepared for what’s soon to be an all out war between some alliance and horde guilds. Many more world buffs will be taken.


200g isn’t even that bad man. I could see 250+ lotus happening during AQ40 on most Full servers.

I mean at the end of the day, you’re the one paying for your account. But it’s funny that you and other Horde left Heartseeker for the same reasons Alliance left servers like Stalagg and Skeram and Flamelash.

Instead of the Menethil Harbor, being camped, it was the Zeppelin towers and Orgrimmar; mostly during the pre-BG era that last a few weeks.

And now, to which I close: how come only the Alliance that “fled” to Heartseeker are the only ones people labeled “refugees and cowards?”
Because they couldn’t handle PvP happening on a PvP server.

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lotus was 70g 2 days ago. inflation is ridiculous.

and you just added Earthfury…cuz you have no idea what your doing lol.


Eh it’s RP-PVP. Would the RP part of that be the reason they are not a target?

Kudos to you and that attitude. That sounds welcoming and if I was in the position to take a free transfer, your server would jump to the top of my list.

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Why not just do layers and lock transfers to full servers? Heck while we’re at it make transfers faction specific so you dont get a crazy overbalance…

I’ve updated the original post in this thread. We recently added Earthfury as a destination from either Incendius or Faerlina.

Free Character Moves are now available:

Incendius Earthfury
Incendius Netherwind
Incendius Thalnos
Incendius Windseeker
Faerlina Earthfury
Faerlina Netherwind
Faerlina Thalnos
Faerlina Windseeker
Whitemane Arcanite Reaper
Whitemane Anathema
Whitemane Smolderweb

Better Whitemane server options please.