Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

Looks like the servers we can transfer to are Netherwind (PvP), Thalnos (PvP), or Windseeker (PvE). What shows up for me on my Faerlina queue.

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oof. isnt thalnos a 98% horde BR server?

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Yea, a cursory look at

Netherwind: low pop, but balanced.
Thalnos: ultra low pop, 99.7% horde
Windseeker: low pop, 67% alliance.

these are… not great options likely to entice many. Windseeker and Netherwind barely break 2000 active 2 week players in’s census, thalnos is at a miserable 1100.

I was…hoping for some better options to pick from

Silly me

You should make it so people cant transfer to these servers. we’ve had so many so up lately so dumb.

That’s why they’ve been selected. Give some life to those small realms and alleviate the big ones. Makes sense to me. Better than a medium/high pop realm and dooming it to a queue.

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Why would you allow MORE horde to transfer to a server like Thalnos?

Agreed. It should be faction based. I just meant population numbers in general.

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Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, and Smolderweb? Really? Go back to the dying server you left cause it was dying? And then warn about transfer cutoffs once the server reaches Full? There’s no way AR and Anathema are gonna make it to Full.

Hey blizz, congrats on introducing a queue control measure that’s Totally gonna get people to move… well done.

All the Whitemane server transfer options are trash, gee thanks blizzard!

I’ve updated the original post in this thread.

Free Character Moves are now available:

|Whitemane|Arcanite Reaper|

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Come to Earthfury! I moved here when I transferred from Faerlina a few months back and I’m loving it. We’re relatively faction balanced, and active.

AQ will open on all realms. Could have 0 horde and the gates will still open.

wait Windseeker is pve can we go there?

Kind of surprised they didn’t have 1-2 more medium pop pvp realms on that list of option. I don’t see many people going to Thalnos to be honest.

From Incendius or Faerlina, yes.

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Windseeker can use more horde. We don’t need more alliance as the realm is already high on alliance.