Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

So is this “solution” just going to let people from Whitemane transfer to Fairbanks so our 2-15 min queue times average out to 2 hours while reducing Whitemane’s to 2 hours? Win win?

They don’t even learn from problems they JUST created months ago.

Interesting blues appear to be working overtime flagging and removing posts in this thread critical of their decision, but cant actually bother to answer valid questions regarding these transfers.

At this rate I fully expect to be forum banned or suspended shortly, which really speaks volumes about what kind of company blizzard is nowadays.


If they layered / increased capacity, you would have complained. A lot of you will complain just to complain. It didnt matter what they did you are going to be negative. There is no solution that will fix this. They messed up by not locking full servers. The mistake has been made. No way to outright fix it now.


Because they don’t have to offer free transfers to any realms, they are doing this, quite generously, to give people who don’t have time to sit in 4 hour queues - or stay logged in all day on raid day so they don’t miss raid - the opportunity to be able to play normally again without charging them an extra 25$. They offer paid transfers as a standard so that players have the free choice to play on whatever realm they want whether it is full or dead.

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There’s actually a poll on the whitemane reddit regarding the concept of layering to relieve queues. The “yes, add layers back” option is winning by a landslide. Your argument simply doesnt hold water when you actually ask the players on these realms what they want.

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I have to agree on this one

Just had ANOTHER comment removed by mods. Thats 4 now. How about you answer the very valid questions people have regarding this mess rather than playing hall monitor to silence anyone who dares criticize your company’s actions?

If you’re unable to tell the difference in scope-and-scale between giving everyone an eject button and normal transfers…then you’re simply blinded by your outrage.

Sorry, we can no longer converse since you seem entirely too fond of mass flagging anyone who disagrees with you.

Rofl, i don’t flag people for disagreeing with them. But keep lashing out randomly at people, I am sure that will help you and your cause.

I’m sure its just a coincidence that of the 4 posts i had removed, 3 were direct replies to you. Anyways, toodles.

You mean the posts directly lashing out and personally insulting people? You are aware that for a post to be deleted an actual moderator has to do something about it…the automated systems cannot. And even if they COULD, it would mean several people would have to flag it too.

But yes, for the sake of your forum account…do what ever you have to do to stop randomly insulting people.

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Pollz, I already said we can’t talk anymore. No means no.

the way this issue is being dealt with is plain stupid, we ve explained why, they know why, but they keep doing it… and then the silence hammer on the forum so people get muzzled like commy russia is where we live…
come on now…

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I’ll remember that next time I design something for someone to pay to use. I’ll setup specific places I know it might fail so I can charge them money for a solutions or act like a benevolent being giving free ones, never solving the issue. Because when you sign up and PAY to PLAY WoW you’re really signing up to scammed.

Ethical genius.


Feel free to mute/ignore me. That is what the feature is there for.

our point exactly

Sadly, blizzard removed the mute/ignore feature with the last forum update, because they enjoy empowering players who do not understand or respect that ‘no means no’.

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I just checked, its still here. Use it.

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