Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

Ok, but when are you implementing the Fix for Server Que Times? I got a 1 hour que already and finally down to 8min left #122 in que.

Current Que on Whitemane is 1k+ atm

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For large guilds, getting the entirety of their members to move requires some coordination and discussion. Its absurd to not give any advance notice when they close, preventing people from planning appropriately.

Of course, you dont actually care about any of this and are just a petty troll who delights in seeing others unhappy, so this argument is probably lost on you.


Insulting others is a great way to make people sympathize with you.

They have given you the deal, take it or leave it.


The deal has a time limit on it and you don’t know when it’s going away. Just giving you a fair warning. Take it or leave it, but don’t be surprised when the offer goes away.

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The deal isnt even active yet, we are all still waiting for it to be implemented

Players in for $$ + players out for free = $$$$$

If you actually want people to transfer, you’re going to have to offer up a realm that is actually appealing to transfer to. Nobody is leaving Whitemane to go to Arcanite Reaper, but if you open up Bigglesworth and Blaumeux people will actually move and you can offload a few thousand without significantly impacting those realms.

No, I just want more than 1,000 items on my auction house.

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This will solve nothing. Will cause more problems, literally reliving your stupidity from 13/14 years ago with the SAME bullsh BAD BAD BAD decisions.

Lock transfers and character creation on those servers along with taking a day before ZG release and upgrading the hardware for your FOUR NEW WORLD BOSSES no one is going to like to do and crashes the servers.


What if i made the mistake of moving recently to one of the said servers and want to move back? Will I be able to?

yeah they said later today :coffee:

Imagine being on a server you think is “dying” and being told by Blizzard that you cannot transfer off. How is that any different than blocking people from moving to a server they know full-well is over capacity?

Blizzard can’t and shouldn’t limit the movement of players and is most certainly not to blame for their players using a tool like Paid Server Transfers in a stupid way.

Take the deal, and prey they don’t alter it any further.


Imagine being so petty you flag someone’s post as a “real life threat” because you don’t like it…
LUL, you’re pathetic.

Then why did they say they can and will close free transfers with no notice if the destination realm becomes full?

Why are they willing to limit player movement when it involves free transfers, but not paid ones?

Because this is an eject button for you and they expect a mass exodus of players. Server populations will be changing drastically and rapidly…and it is possible that people will be thinking they’re going to a server that doesn’t have a queue only to end up on another server that does.

when the hell is “later today” some people have lives and are ESSENTIAL WORKERS

What server can we move to?

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Are you going to keep in mind Faction Balance when allowing server transfers?

For example, would you allow horde to transfer to Skeram? Since it’s almost 100% horde already? Or will you be monitoring and limiting the amount of one faction that can move to another server which is already poorly balanced?

As a player who is on a 25-30% alliance server, it’s awful.

Surely this isn’t the “Fix” you were talking about? It’s pretty pathetic.

they’ve refused to answer this question while actively responding to softball questions, so its looking like the answer is no – there will be no restrictions for faction balance involved.

Yet paid transfers to full servers resulting in queues are acceptable?