Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

They’re being purposely vague for god knows what reason. Nobody knows.

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well get in queue and in 4 hours you can tell the rest of us! >_>

I have yet to see anyone actually playing on full servers actually complain about the prospect of layering. The only people i see complaining about it are level 120 retail trolls and level 24 #nochanges trolls.


Hopefully they send these guys to medium pop servers to help them out a bit. Coming to a high pop is just going to max even more out.

It won’t happen, because Horde are too afraid of facing a challenge in wpvp despite all their constant bluster and zug thumping.

Free xfers for the dominant faction only, to servers where they’re the outnumbered faction.

Easy solution, and we know they can limit factions since they did it around November for a bit.

At the same time- give the outnumbered faction queue bypass, since they don’t have the solution to xfer. This keeps the outnumbered faction from leaving and screwing the server over, this entices the dominant faction to go to a server where they can fix balance.

Boom- you have a solution that at least tries to balance all realms involved, won’t do any more damage at the very least, gives people a way out of queues.

It’s simple, Blizz can do it, it doesn’t create more issues, and it gives everyone a solution they can take.


Lots of tears in this thread.


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What if a player doesn’t want to play on a balanced server? In retail I had an awesome time playing Horde on Sargeras. If you’re primarily pvp-oriented, playing on an imbalanced server can be a great experience. It can be easier to rank up, and there’s lots of world pvp action because the ‘dominant’ faction is over-confident and aggressive towards you.

Is there a cap on the number of free character transfers I can use on my account? Am I able to transfer my main AND my alts?

Trifling Tauren! Your arrogance will be your undoing!

i want an alliance tauren the size of a gnome. i will name him “ipunttauren”

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@Kaivax hi, i just transfered OFF of Incendius a few days ago and I had to pay for this service. Will I be able to receive a refund please especially in these trying times? Thank you.

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Blizz thanks you for your money.

Blizzard doesnt care about you beyond how much money they can extract from you, so i wouldnt count on it.

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Can we get some clarification oh when these will become available for use?

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Thank god it wasn’t layering. But lol, Blizz, the company with zero foresight. Ever. I can see this happening again later on when lots of people come to incendius again because their servers are ‘dead’ lmfao.


Whelp, already heard of two large alliance guilds preparing to jump ship on Whitemane. Zero horde guilds thus far. So begins the exodus and whitemane’s downfall into baby Skeram/Stalagg.

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Layering would have been a much better fix than the one they went with.

No. In your opinion it would be better.


Pretty sure its the better option.