Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

Okay bye then. Have a good life

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Please add Arugal to the list. I don’t play on Arugal but can see it’s marked as full. Felstriker looks like it could use the help.

I know you guys like this game a lot since y’all venting your frustrations. However there are plenty of other games and things to do. While blizzard is figuring this mess out I suggest you remove your credit card from subscriptions and stop the money flow into a game that costs so much for no common sense service. You can then play until the subscription is up and if things are worse simply go play cod, league, DotA, or w.e you did before classic wow. That’s what I’m doing I don’t have 178 mins to wait for playing with long distant buddies we gonna find another way, so should you.


Now that Incendius decreased from a Full Populated Realm to High and dont even have Queues anymore thanks to Free Transfers, when u guys will allow Paid Server transfers to it, we are trying to get some hordes back here to give some balance to the server and we have few ppl that tried to transfer during the Window before it be disabled and had error (no ticket have even responded about it, a guy from this TOPIC was even banned for asking Got banned because blizzard didnt answered my question on ticket and needed to reopen it ) . And now earthfury have Queues and free transfer still allowed to it.


I’ve updated the OP in this thread.

And yet, Herod queue started at 3:30 and its already up to 1200+ people. What are you doing to solve the issues on Herod?

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When is Benediction going to see some relief? We have had an hour to two hour que during peak times for over a month now. Mostly because of paid transfers from Stalagg and Heartseeker. WE NEED HELP and I have seen no mention of Benediction anywhere.

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Herod has over an hour queue at 16:00 server time. That’s not even prime time yet.

We did get rid of queues for several months, although the server usually seemed close to full. But you’re right, as soon as they opened transfers to here (Herod) it turned back into a poop-show.

Yeah Herod is pretty screwed haha.

Blizzard ruined Earthfury. Interesting “solutions” they come up with. Thanks.


What about Arugal? It took me 6 HOURS to log in last night. I joined the que at 3:30pm.

None of this helps us. Free transfers to Yojamba, Felstriker or Remulos? Let the people who transferred to Arugal recently go back.

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Any chance of free moves for Herod? I was hoping to do a paid move off yesterday but there was a 5 hour queue to get on just to empty my mailbox, tonight it is 4 hours…

Are you guys serious? You already made our nice quiet realm called Earthfury turn into a bloated megaserver that now features 1 hour+ long queues and you’re allowing MORE transfers over? Blizzard, you are a joke.


Lets see, why in the world would I want to transfer to another server when all of my friends are on this server? Hell even layering was better than the current delays in getting into the server. And then when you get into the server you have another 2 hour wait to get into AV. Yep really enjoy staring at. my computer screen for 6 hours waiting to play a game I pay money for every month. Hard drives and raid arrays are cheaper now than they have ever been. You would think you could take some of the money the thousands of people pay you every month to expand the server capacity on the existing servers. But hey, sounds like someone is putting a tidy sum into their pockets each month rather than provide a server to the people who have supported this game since its early Beta stages.

I love that the second most populated server Herod has not been mentioned at all.

Maybe blizzard should lock all the servers that have queues, and offer free transfers to ALL of the overpopulated factions, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Reduce queues and ameliorate server balance.

I’m starting to think they should open up free transfers to all realms and put them on a short cooldown. Let the population shift and find equilibrium.

Arugal had 7+ hour queues and has no access to any free character transfers. The lock will do little when most of the people here have been here for the long haul. Allowing people to transfer back to Felstriker for free, for example, might fix two problems - the low pop on Felstriker and the absurd queues here.

Please consider these :frowning:

imgur .com/a/lCFOiIZ

This is what we’re dealing with. This cannot continue.
3443 in queue. 339 minute estimate.