Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

I’ve updated the original post in this thread.

Free Character Moves are now available:

|Whitemane|Arcanite Reaper|

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Come to Earthfury! I moved here when I transferred from Faerlina a few months back and I’m loving it. We’re relatively faction balanced, and active.

AQ will open on all realms. Could have 0 horde and the gates will still open.

wait Windseeker is pve can we go there?

Kind of surprised they didn’t have 1-2 more medium pop pvp realms on that list of option. I don’t see many people going to Thalnos to be honest.

From Incendius or Faerlina, yes.

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Windseeker can use more horde. We don’t need more alliance as the realm is already high on alliance.

Are horde players allowed to transfer to Thalnos? That server is currently 99.7% horde per Similarly, Arcanite Reaper is 72% alliance - are alliance players permitted to move there?

Just when I thought you kook’s couldn’t get any dumber…

Nice “solution” - Nobody’s leaving Whitemane to servers that which guilds are fleeing from

Have fun with your queues then.

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That’s the deal, take it or pay $25 to go someone else.

I’d rather sit in a 5 hour queue, thanks anyway


More power to ya.

i transfered of cause it sucked to be outnumbered like that, it took ages to get to brm and forget about buffing before the raid cause you will always die a bunch of times to get there

Why can people still paid server transfer to Whitemane…Faerlina…Incendius…?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, the only thing activision-blizzard cares for these days.

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Because some people would rather sit in a 5 hour queue than play on a low-pop server.

If that were true they wouldn’t have enabled free realm transfers at all and just let people get fed up, impatient and pay for whole guilds to move.

As it is once the shelters in place are lifted people are gonna stop playing again and then most of the realms will go back to where they were prior to the orders being put in place. Only difference is incendius and whitemane may not be the ones having queues during primetime anymore.

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“Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.”

So free has limits due to perceived implications, but if you pay $25, you’ll overlook said implications of server instability? Notice how they used the word “FULL” when referencing off-load server candidates, yet never mention the original server’s being Full. What a nasty and politically delivered let down of an announcement.


What a nice non solution, mean while the game will still be non playable and those who transfer end up on effectively dead realms

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