Frame rates

Anyone else having frame rate issues since patch?


The keyring is still hot, they just got forging it. Might take a while to cool down so your PC might overheat for a day or 2 from it.


Yes, haven’t tried my desktop yet but on my crappy laptop i used to get about 50fps now im down to about 20. wtf

You might have a lot of lua errors if you use addons.

Try manually switching to your non-iGPU. This happened on my MacBook Pro 16" as well. I had to manually select the Radeon card.

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From our Known Issues post

System Settings

  • Certain PCs may incorrectly default to integrated graphics adapters.
    • Workaround: Open the System Menu via the Escape key and select System -> Advanced -> Graphics Card and select the correct GPU.

Please let us know if that doesn’t work for you.


That was it, tango mike

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fixed, thank you Kaivax




This did the trick for me. Bumping so others can see.

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This is pin-worthy, Kaivax…and:

My game reset to hd graphics instead of my dedicated. Changed it in game settings and it got a lot better. But still notice a little bit of frame lag since the patch.

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Make sure to check any addons
depending on what addons you may use, the patch could have them spewing LUA errors

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Check your addons. Blizzards claim to only changing the API for custom channels is a lie, they changed much more because this patch has broken the hell out of a ton of addons, including ones that didn’t use any chat channels at all. Mine were spewing thousands of errors a second after logging in.

Just because they worked on the API for a specific reason does not mean there will be no spill over effect.
Does not make it a lie

This fixed it went from 20 fps to 100 like usual thank you so much

Yeah why would it not pick the optimal one as it did before the patch though?

Now fix the draw distance

probably reverts to a windows default thing
might consult the registry or something or one of windows failsafe functions

That did it for me. I thought I was losing my mind! Thanks!!